Fly Lady's January Habit: Shine Your Sink

I hate doing dishes.  It's my least favorite household chore.  Because I so detest dishwater, I pretty much let the dishes pile up sky high until I literally have no clean dishes left in my house and I'm forced to wash something.  Needless to say, this drives Dennis crazy.  It drives me a little crazy, too, I just choose to ignore it and go about my day.

But not anymore!  The new improving Jessica is not going to let her dishes pile up anymore!  Thanks to Fly Lady and her amazing system of teaching yourself new and better habits to live by, I will take on all those dishes and banish them, clean and shiny, to the dish drainer and then in the morning back to their respective homes in my cabinets.  No more will they fill my sink!  No more will they pile haphazardly on my minuscule counter space!  Ha!  For this month's habit is Shining Your Sink!

Behold my shining sink!!!
Be careful, don't blind yourself!

Every night this week I've made sure to wash any and all dishes from the day, leaving a nice, shiny, empty sink to greet me in the morning.  Dennis is wondering who I am and what I've done with his wife.  

Fly Lady thinks it takes regular people 21 days to implement a new habit.  However, crazy-sidetracked-ADD-unmotivated people like me need a little more time to get our @sses in gear, so she recommends giving ourselves 28-31 days to really make a new habit stick.  Granted, I'm a little behind on my January habit (should'a/could'a/would'a started on the 1st), but better late than never.  And considering how much I hate dishes, it's a miracle I've made it a week, and I bet I can last the 31 days it'll take to become second nature!

Go me!

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