The Goals

In order to reinvent myself, I feel like I need a list of goals. Without some kind of road map I'm never going to achieve the things I want to achieve or become the person I want to become. I don't want to call these goals resolutions, because new year's resolutions never hold up. People put too much pressure on themselves with a long list of resolutions and then they let themselves down by not sticking to their resolutions.

I don't want to put myself in a position where I feel worse because I haven't held up my resolutions. Instead, I'm creating a list of goals I would like to achieve. A list that can grow and change and adapt to who I am and who I am becoming. I will give myself permission to not be perfect and I will not let myself slip into a downward spiral just because I've had a bad day/week/month (hopefully not month!). I will reference this list of goals often to remind myself where I want to go and I will make lists of the things I need to do to get there. And I'll try my best to reference these to do lists and cross things off them as I do them; I'm notorious for making lists and never looking at them again. I've learned that just making the list doesn't magically accomplish the list!

So here's a rough draft of my list of goals for 2011 and beyond (in no particular order):

Start my own massage spa
Become more responsible financially
Get acting representation
Take acting classes
Learn new massage modalities
Do the Houston Co-op theatre auditions this summer
Start a blog
Take better care of myself
Take better care of my house
Take better care of my car
Loose weight
Buy a house
Get pregnant
Care about my image
Improve my time management
Eat healthier
De-clutter my house; get rid of things I don't need/use/love

I'm going to be the Little Engine that Could....

I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...
I think I can...

I KNOW I can!!!


  1. Very cool, Jess.

    For finances, might I recommend Dave Ramsey. Very common sense. He has a radio show, website, blog, TV show, books, classes, seminars, etc. 99.99% of his "plan" can be learned for free from listening to his radio show for about a month. He really is wonderful.

    For getting rid of clutter, may I recommend The Fly Lady. She's strictly online and is great too.

    The best of luck!

  2. I love Fly Lady! She's totally got it going on. Have you tried using as an online family calendar/task manager? You can sign up for free and her zone cleaning lists can be imported into to do lists. I'm finding this very helpful as well. I'll check out David Ramsey, too. Thanks!


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