Living Room Re-do Day 1.5

I'm taking a quick break from my latest project to eat lunch and update the progress on the Great Living Room Re-Do of 2011!!!

Dennis and I have been talking about rearranging our living room furniture for a while now.  This wouldn't be the first time we've rearranged and probably won't be the last (unless I can convince him to seriously consider buying the house I'm obsessing over--but that's another blog post).

Saturday, Dennis finally took down our Christmas tree.  In order to fit the tree into our living room/dining room space we have always had to do some rearranging.  Sunday we debated on the merits of starting an overhaul since we would have to put things back in place anyway and decided to go for it.  One trip to Ikea later and we were ready to begin.

What we need to do:

  • find a way to organize our hundreds of DVD's and VHS tapes
  • take everything off the 5x5 shelves so it can be moved
  • box and cataloge all DVD's and VHS
  • take DVD/VHS shelves off the wall
  • take everything off the short table
  • move the 5x5 shelves to the wall where the DVD shelves were
  • move the short table to the wall where couch 1 is--possibly (probably) find taller alternative to short table
  • install/set-up TV and components on short table/alternative taller table
  • move couch 1 where 5x5 shelves were
  • find end table to go next to couch 1 (maybe)
  • find place for dress maker form
  • find table to go behind couch 1 for projector to sit on
  • re-hang pull down screen in new place
  • get rid of make-shift table holding TV and components (maybe)
  • if so, find place to store board games and blankets
  • maybe continue to use make-shift table to hold TV and components
  • if so, find new material to cover
  • take all knick-knacks that were living on the 5x5 shelves and short table and re-decorate shelves/tables
  • get rid of extraneous knick-knacks that we don't love
  • dust/sweep/mop/vacuum as everything gets moved around
  • enjoy our "new" living room 

In our minds, this all seems like a simple project, but like all things, I'm sure it will be time consuming, frustrating, and stress inducing.  I just need to remind myself that this will probably take a good 2 weeks of hard work and that I need to constantly keep my focus on the task at hand instead of getting all crazy with ADD.  The act of clearing off all the shelves and tables creates a temporary super-explosion of clutter (more than what's usually around) that usually overwhelms me and has a tendency to make me shut down because it's just too much to focus on.

So far, I have:

  • removed everything from the 5x5 shelves and the low table
  • purchased boxes to organize DVD's from Ikea
  • filled boxes and created catalog of DVD's (I still need to purchase 10 more boxes!)
  • dusted/swept as I've gone along

As soon as I'm done with this post I'm going to start boxing up the VHS tapes and cataloging them and tonight when I get off work, I'm going to get those last 10 DVD boxes I'll need and finish cataloging those tomorrow.  Hopefully tonight we'll get the DVD/VHS shelves off the wall, but we'll see how we both feel this evening!

I wish I had taken some true before pictures, but I do have some of the progress I made yesterday and this morning.

The clean and empty 5x5 shelves dividing the living room space from the dining room space.The short table is in front of the 5x5 shelves and has the new DVD boxes on it's bottom shelf.
This is where couch 1 will go...eventually.

Close up of the new DVD boxes

DVD/VHS shelves and make-shift TV table.
This is where the 5x5 shelf will go.
Couch 1 in the background and cluttered coffee table in foreground.
This couch will move to the other side of the room and the TV will go against this wall.

Couch 2 in background and cluttered coffee table in foreground.  This couch will stay where it is.

Box 1 of knick-knacks that used to live on 5x5 shelves

Box 2 of knick-knacks that used to live on the short table.

Box 3 of knick-knacks that used to live on the 5x5 shelf.
Now, back to work!!!

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