Living Room Re-do Day 3

We're moving along quite nicely with our Great Living Room Re-Do of 2011.  Last night the DVD/VHS shelves came down (yay!) and the 5x5 shelves were moved into their proper place.  I finished boxing all the DVDs (all 340 of them!) and all the VHS (all 470 of them!) and cataloging them; WOW...I knew we had a lot of movies, but WOW!  I battled and defeated all the Dust Bunnies that had flourished behind the television for the past 7 years.

Today I'm mostly going to concentrate on cleaning and boxing knick-knacks.  Dennis is at work and moving the rest of the furniture will take two people, so that will have to wait for this evening or weekend.  Most of our shelves are black/brown from Ikea except for our coffee table and two end tables that someone gave us.  They're a cherry wood-ish mahogany-ish color and  I think I'm going to paint them a distressed gold color instead.  But that will have to wait until Sunday when I have a dedicated day just for painting.

So, our to-do list:
  • find a way to organize our hundreds of DVD's and VHS tapes
  • take everything off the 5x5 shelves so it can be moved
  • box and cataloge all DVD's and VHS
  • take DVD/VHS shelves off the wall
  • take everything off the short table
  • move the 5x5 shelves to the wall where the DVD shelves were
  • move the short table to the wall where couch 1 is possibly (probably) find taller alternative to short table
  • install/set-up TV and components on short table/alternative taller table existing TV table
  • move couch 1 where 5x5 shelves were
  • find end table to go next to couch 1 (maybe)
  • find place for dress maker form
  • find table to go behind couch 1 for projector to sit on The whole reason for the re-do is so I can have room to exercise in the living room and putting a table behind the couch would make it too hard to push back for extra room
  • figure out how to hang projector from ceiling?
  • re-hang pull down screen in new place
  • get rid of make-shift table holding TV and components (maybe) We decided to keep this table and paint it black
  • if so, find place to store board games and blankets
  • maybe continue to use make-shift table to hold TV and components 
  • if so, find new material to cover Instead of covering it, we're going to paint it
  • take all knick-knacks that were living on the 5x5 shelves and short table and re-decorate shelves/tables
  • get rid of extraneous knick-knacks that we don't love
  • dust/sweep/mop/vacuum as everything gets moved around (ongoing)
  • box up all remaining knick-knacks to make moving all the furniture easier
  • clean and prep the make-shift TV table to be painted
  • clean and prep coffee table and two end tables to be painted
  • buy paint and supplies
  • Paint!
  • take down all pictures/shelves/art hanging on walls
  • decide what will go back on the walls and where to hang them
  • enjoy our "new" living room 
This still seems like a lot of stuff to do, but I feel like we're making good progress.  It has been time consuming, but not really frustrating or stress inducing.  In fact, I've been feeling bubbly and giddy and excited and accomplished the last three days of working on this room.  Things still may take a turn for the overwhelming, but the signs are definitely pointing to manageable and generally good.

Here are some more pictures of the progress we're making.

The removal of the DVDs and VHS.
The last remaining shelf before being removed.

And they're gone!  Check out Dennis in his lumberjack flannel.  I know it's time to work when he puts that on!
The Kingdom of Dust Bunny.  A hard battle was fought here, but in the end, I triumphed!

You can barely see Monster checking out the new placement of the shelves.  She approves.

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