Cold, Colder, and Windy

Pre-run "What am I thinking?!?" look

I went running in the freezing cold rain today.  I'm either very tenacious and won't let the weather stand in the way of my C25K program, or I'm the village idiot*.  I'm not really sure which one.  Either way, it was a good run despite the wind and cold and rain.  I don't mind the cold or the rain, but the wind.  I could really live without the wind on my runs.

*Editor's Note:  I am the village idiot.  The day after I went running in the cold and rain, I got sick.  I think the cold air burned my lungs and trachea; I've been coughing since the day after the run.  As soon as I stop hacking and weezing, I'm going to start running again.  Plus the weather should be better.  Bonus!

I seem to be in a running kind of mood and that has lead to two running posts in a row.  I'm not trying to be redundant with my writing, but running is high up there on my to-do list and I'm pretty excited to not let anything get in my way of accomplishing my 5K goal.  For anyone out there reading, running really isn't the only thing I've been up to the past two weeks, it's just all that's been on my mind when I sit down to write.

Perhaps I should make a list of other things to write about this week:

  • Den and I finally got a new couch and love seat from Craig's List--I promise I'll post pics soon!
  • I'm thinking of finding a second part-time job to supplement my income
  • Ugh, money...I just don't have enough
  • Routines.  I don't have any established, and I really need them
  • Figure out how to schedule posts on here.  I tried it and it didn't work...I'm missing something...

That should be more than enough to keep me busy the rest of this week.  I should aim for one post a day and put my Twitter feed in the side-bar...another thing to add to the to-do list!

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