The Craig's List Debacle or How I Lost Faith in Humanity

I've stopped counting the days of The Great Living Room Re-Do of 2011.  We've unfortunately hit a wall with the rearranging of furniture and things have come to a grinding halt because we don't have a couch.  I haven't lost hope that we'll eventually find a new couch and be able to finish this project, though.  I'm just loosing my mind a little.  Let me tell you what's been going on.

On Sunday, Dennis and I decided to get rid of our ugly uncomfortable old  icky couch.  We've been thinking of doing this for some time and finally went through with it.  We also decided to move our other couch into what was once the dining area to make a sitting/reading space.  Once we get going with furniture rearranging, we just can't stop!  This left us with no couch or chair in the living room/TV watching area, but we figured we could get a couch and love seat or sectional from Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Craig's List on the cheap.

The reading area in it's infancy.  The shoes will move, the cabinet will be painted, and new blinds will be hung.
It's a work in progress.

We looked at a couple of resale shops around town and on Craig's List, and what do you know, we found one on Craig's List.  A red sectional that fits the room and compliments our other red couch--I know, I know, that's a lot of red for one room, but I'd paint the whole world red if no one would notice.  And it was for sale for only $100!!!  Score!

I emailed the seller asking for the dimensions and a couple of hours later she called me back.  Now, this is where the day gets tricky.  You see, I'm a naturally trusting person.  I don't know why, but I trust everyone; I always have, I've never been the suspicious type.  I'm naive and assume people are good and ethical and will generally do the right thing.  In fact, people have to point out to me when I'm getting duped or when someone is taking advantage of me and I often still don't see what others see.  My brain just doesn't work like most people's, I guess.  I can't even conceive of purposefully stabbing someone in the back, even a stranger.  So when someone inevitably screws me over, I'm not only hurt by it, but I'm also surprised and angry at being fooled.  Angry both at myself for not being more aware and angry at the offending person for being a jerk.  I rage a little on the inside when this happens to me.

Getting back to the situation at hand, when the seller called me back and gave me the measurements for the sectional, I told her I'd have to check with my husband and that I'd call her back.  Dennis was still on the fence about the couch.  We talked it over and decided that even if we had to replace the sectional in a year, $100 is a price worth paying.  I called the seller back and told her we'd take the sectional and that we'd come by that evening to pick it up.  She gave me her address and I told her we'd call before we came over.

I guess I was just stupid to assume that meant we had a deal.  I called her before we headed all the way across town to pick up what I assumed would be our new couch.  She didn't answer her phone and I left her a voice mail.  I know we shouldn't have left our house without actually speaking to her, but, again, I'm too trusting and when I make a deal with someone I honor that commitment and trust the other person to honor the commitment as well.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she accidentally put her phone on silent and didn't hear my call; maybe she was taking a nap; maybe she was in the shower; maybe a million other things.  I never once thought she was blatantly ignoring my call (I know, stupid me).

I call her when we get to her neighborhood.  No answer.

I call her 30 minutes later.  No answer.

Dennis and I eat dinner and I call her again.  Still no answer.

Two hours later (I know, I know, I'm a dummy), I call her from Den's phone, and what do you know, she answers!  At this point I realize she'd been avoiding my calls.  And if I could punch someone through the phone, I would have.  The long and short of it, she had already sold the sectional.  She lied directly to me (and I hate being lied to) saying we had only spoken once and I never called her back saying I would come by that evening to pick up the couch.  Gee, if that were the case, how did I have her address?  She even admitted she got my voice mail and had no answer for why she didn't call me back to tell me not to come get the couch.  All this could have been avoided if that horrible woman had simply called me to tell me she had already sold the couch.  How hard would that have been?  One simple phone call.  I would still have been upset, after all, we had a deal (or so I thought), but I wouldn't be wishing for horrible things to happen to her and her family.  I called her out on being a liar and a cheat and an irresponsible seller before I hung up in her face--that made me feel a little better.

But I still don't have a couch.  Or faith in humanity.

Den sitting in our make shift couch area made out of pillows and blankets.
So much work still to be done.

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