Duck Bread

Den and I fed the ducks at the park a few days ago.  It was very exciting because most of the ducks at this park are so used to humans feeding them that they will take tiny pieces of duck bread right out of your hand.  Next time we feed the ducks, I'm not going to wear flip-flops.  It was a little unsettling to have the ducks peck at my toes, and at some point one of the little critters got a little too excited and pooped on my foot....ewwwww.

Den made a lot of new friends.

The male duck was very funny.  He would jump up to my hand and take the bread before I could offer it to him.  The little lady was very polite and asked nicely for her bread.
See, she's asking Den for some bread.  "Quack.  Bread, please.  Quack."
Satiated ducks swim into the sunset.

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