Fly Lady's February Habit Results

February's Habit of decluttering for 15 minutes a day was not a success for me.  I knew this would probably be the toughest habit to conquer, and I was right.  In fact, I didn't purposefully spend 15 minutes on this task on any day this month.  That's not to say I didn't spend any time decluttering this month, but I certainly didn't treat it like a daily habit. 

I'm still working on the Living Room Re-Do and that process includes getting rid of (i.e. decluttering) a lot of stuff.  So I did accomplish some decluttering this month.  Overall, however, I would say I failed at this month's habit.  If I had spent 15 minutes every day from Monday through Friday for this entire month, I would have gotten 5 hours of decluttering done.  I'd estimate that by only working on the living room I spent a little less than half that time actually decluttering.  But spending some time decluttering is better than spending no time decluttering, so I'll try to work on this habit next month, too.  At least my sink is still shiny!

Cluttered reading couch, before.

Reading couch, after

Yikes!  Cluttered table, before

Table, after

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