January Accomplishments

January has been quite the month for me.  I started a little slow, but built up steam and now there's no stopping me.  I had a couple of bad days; it's impossible not to, but I mostly stayed on track and for February I have outlined a more detailed complete list of things to accomplish.

So far in January I have:
  • started living room re-do
  • shined my sink almost every day
  • not gotten behind on laundry and folded/put away each load as it came out of the dryer
  • kept my blog updated
  • started dieting with friends using My Fitness Pal
  • socialized with friends:  went to Fort Worth Stockyards, went to dinner and a movie with friends, saw our favorite local band, Inzurgo, went to lunch with a friend, went to dinner with other friends, celebrated another friend's birthday
  • finally took down the Christmas tree
  • started using Cozi online calendar to track my appointments
  • met with a Houston SCORE volunteer about starting my own massage spa
  • stayed motivated (mostly)
I have to admit I didn't do as much this month as I probably could have.  My bad habits won't go away on their own.  I'm still procrastinating, but not nearly as badly as I usually do.  This blog has helped keep my motivation up, I've hardly felt anxious about anything, and I feel like I'm following through more than usual.  I still need to keep the fire lit under my butt about everything, though.  This is only the beginning of my reinvention.

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