Money: I Need to Make More of It

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I think I need to get a second job.  I am this close to making enough money as a massage therapist, but close to making enough money isn't the same as actually making enough money.  I'm making just enough each week to put gas in my vehicle, buy groceries, set aside a bit of savings, and put money towards the credit card.  Unfortunately, after I take care of all those things, I have nothing left for myself.  Nada.  Zip. Zilch. Diddly-Squat.  Not only would I like a little fun money, if you will, but I also need to make enough to convince Den that we can actually afford to buy a home.  And it would be nice to be able to buy him a really great birthday gift, or take a creative writing class, or get my hair done, or take an acting class, or, or, get the idea.

I think I need to make between $120 and $180 more each week to feel financially comfortable.  That comes out to finding a job that pays between $8-$12/hour for 15 hours per week.  I'm pretty sure most retail jobs would average that rate of pay for that many hours.  I've brainstormed a list of stores I'd feel comfortable working at and will start to apply on Monday.  Any suggestions of places I've left off the list are more than welcome!

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Michael's
  • Pier One
  • Ikea?
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Borders
  • Half Price Books
  • Anthropoligie
  • 3 Bros Bakery
  • Kroger Bakery
  • Catalina Coffee Shop
  • Starbucks
  • Bartending

I think I'd be well suited to work at any of those places.  Since the age of 16 I've had many different jobs including:  working at a bakery, a deli/ham specialty shop, a casino, in a coffee shop, at a children's shoe store, at Starbucks, as a paralegal, as a beer wench at the renaissance faire, as a bodice lacer, at a convenience store, as a construction worker, as a door to door knife salesperson, and as a mad scientist, just to name a few.  Surely I can land a second job with all that experience!

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  1. I know that Kroger is union, at least in the meat/seafood department. It would make for a little higher pay, better benefits, and more recourse should something go wrong as well as a more difficult time firing you. I've worked seafood in a grocery store in Chicago before. Other than coming home smelling like the catch of the day, it's an OK job. My cat loved up on me a little more when I got home. LOL

    Good luck!

  2. Hmmm...I do enjoy seafood. I need to check the labor laws in Texas, though. I know some jobs here have union affiliations, but I don't think they pull as much weight in this state. I'll definitely apply to all departments at Kroger. Why pigeon hole myself into only one position.


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