February Accomplishments

I got a lot more done this month than I thought I actually would.  I gave myself a very long to-do list for such a short month.  I think I had less "bad days" than I did in January, but I still need to really concentrate on staying positive and checking things off my list.  One problem I had this month was not checking what I put on the to-do list.  I made the list and went about half the month before I looked at it a second time.  Maybe in March I'll try to make it a point to look over the list on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help myself stay on track. 

In February I:
  • researched creative writing class--make this blog more interesting I still need money to sign up for the class, but I looked into it
  • started the couch to 5k program I'm going to re-start the program soon.  I overdid it at first and am going to try again
  • I made time for my friends and family I'm getting better at balancing my time between work, home, and friends & family
  • I organized my sock & underwear drawer
  • I contined my new healthy eating habits
  • Continued blogging!
  • Obtained couch and loveseat for living room
  • Used my Barns & Noble gift card
  • Plucked my eyebrows
  • Figured out auto post
  • Began working on my credit score
  • research possible acting classes again, I need money to sign up for any classes
Some things I didn't accomplish because I ran out of time:
  • follow fly lady's zone work and monthly habit I didn't do any zone work at all this month, and barely did anything with the monthly habit
  • market blog
  • start de-cluttering and reorganizing office
  • start de-cluttering and reorganizing clothes
  • find a general practitioner and schedule routine check up
  • find ob/gyn and schedule routine check up
  • make an epic mixed tape
  • organize jewelry box 
  • make outline of yearly goals to help keep focused on the big picture
  • do at least one thing each month towards each yearly goal
The things I didn't get done because I didn't have the money for them:
  • start saving for acting class tuition
  • plan/save for Den's b-day gift Plan, yes, save, no...
  • get hair did this one is driving me crazy, I really need to get my hair done!
  • finish living room re-do I'm so close to finishing this project--I really only need a coffee table and the room will be 90% done...pics soon!
And last, but not least, the things I didn't do because the timing isn't right:
  • finally call city about permits for massage spa I'm putting off opening my own business until Den and I get approved for a home loan; being a new small business owner makes home loans much harder than being an employee
  • business plan business plan business plan
  • add Twitter to blog sidebar do I really need to microblog right now?  Nope.
  • start sending out my hs/r to casting notices read my post on why I'm waiting
So, that's where I stand with my to-do list for February.  I'm interested to see how well I do for March.  I feel pretty optimistic about how much I'll be able to accomplish this month! 

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