To Do: March

Thirty-one days, thirty-one days; what can I get done in thirty-one days?  Hopefully I'll be able to get most of the way through this month's to-do list.  In March I plan on looking at my list at least once a week to keep myself motivated instead of doing what I did in February and not look at the list until more than half the month was over.  D'oh!  So, without further ado, my list for this month:

  • get Den's B-day gift
  • bartending classes
  • HAIR!!!
  • create a budget
  • finish the frickin' living room!
  • unpack and put away wedding gifts in kitchen
  • change purses
  • Fly Lady:  Routines! Zones! Habits!
  • organize post tags
  • de-clutter and reorganize office
  • de-clutter and reorganize clothes
  • clean out fridge and pantry
  • clean out truck
  • donate things to Goodwill/Salvation Army
  • sell back books to Half Price Books
  • de-clutter and reorganize kitchen/living room pass through
  • restart c25k program
  • continue healthy eating
  • find a general practitioner and schedule routine checkup
  • find an ob/gyn and schedule routine checkup
  • scrapbook
  • have fun!!!
I'm sure I'll think of things to add to this list, but for now this looks like plenty to keep me busy!

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