Things I Love: Finishing a Run

I have finally re-started the couch to 5k running program.  The last time I started running, it was cold...freezing, freezing, freezing cold.  It stands to reason that the second day of my first week back on the program it would be hot...burning, burning, burning hot.  And I was smart enough to run at high noon, you know, so I could cook myself.  But that's okay, because it made the end of the run that much sweeter.  And by run, I mean a calculated ratio of walking/jogging.  I don't want to get ahead of myself. 

So today I celebrate the end of what felt like a boiling, never-ending, tortutous, agonizing, punishment of a run.


Totally worth it.  5K, here I come!

Pink Flamingos

I've always been a huge fan of pink flamingos as yard art.  Over the years, Den has gotten me a couple of different flamingos for our tiki hut in the back yard; there's one that has Christmas lights all over it and moves its head back and forth and there's one that glows in the dark.  But I've always longed for a flock of plastic flamingos for the front yard. They're classy, they're kitschy, and they're fun.  They brighten up even the dullest of yards, and since I can't keep anything alive in the garden, plastic seems to be a good option for me.

Last night, we took a trip to the store to use up the last of the giftcards we got for our wedding.  And to my surprise and delight, there were pink flamingos on sale for $2.50 a pop!  Granted, they weren't as big as the classic original flamingos, but for $2.50 I can't complain.  I am now the proud owner of a flock of 5 mini flamingos.  I can see them out the office window standing guard in the front yard.  Pigger helped me decide where to put them.  I think I'll eventually add to the flock.  I wonder how many I could fit in my front yard?

The yard looks so sad.

instant happiness and class.  Pigger approves

Pigger and flamingo


Squeek, the supervisor


My Mom Sent Me an iPad2!!!

I couldn't believe it when I came home yesterday and waiting on me was a very special package from my mom.  I had a feeling I knew what was in it, but I had to open it to make sure.  Even though I suspected what the contents of the package would be, I couldn't have been more surprised/excited/thrilled to see what was inside!!! My mom is such a special lady.  She always knows the right things to send me and when I need them.  Mom,  thank you!!!!!  I love you!!!!

my new iPad2!

What can I say?  Craziness runs in the family.  And, yes, she actually sent this to me in the mail.


Things I Love: NKOTB

Three years and one day ago, NKOTB announced their reunion and plans for an album and tour.  It was one of the happiest days of my life (seriously).  I watched the announcement on The Today Show and screamed like a thriteen year old.  It was beautiful.  Dennis just sighed and shook his head.  I'm glad he understands my insanity.

Some may make fun of me for my love of an '80's boy band, and you go right ahead and make fun of me.  I'm secure in my love for this band and proud to be a fan.  I saw them perform twice on their reunion tour and they still got it (the right stuff) and I can't wait to see them this summer.  Can. Not. Wait!!!  They'll be in Houston on June 25 and this time around I'm gonna shell out the big bucks to attend the meet and greet.  I will hug the New Kids, oh yes, I will hug them; they will be hugged.  Hug.  Hug.  Hug.

New Kids in Shreveport

New Kids in Shreveport

New Kids in Houston (on my birthday!!!)

New Kids in Houston


Things I Love

Last month while down in the dumps I had an idea to start a weekly feature here called Things I Hate.  I'm a natural cynic and complainer so the things I hate posts would probably flow forth from me with ease and grace.  But I'm feeling much better now and don't feel like constantly drudging up all the things I hate in this world (and trust me, there are tons of things I hate).

Instead, I've decided to do semi-regular posts about things I love.  The whole purpose of this blog is to reinvent myself and change my bad habits and negative ways.  It's easy for me to focus on negativity and I'd really rather not be a grump for the rest of my life.  So I will do my best to focus on the positives and all the things that make me happy in this world.

Meet the Boys

Back in February I introduced you to Matilda.  Well, it just occurred to me that you probably don't know a thing about two of the most important stuffed people in my life.  So let me introduce you to Pigger Pig and Butt-Naked Bunny.  They are our constant companions, alter egos, and our partners in crime.  You will probably see and hear about them here pretty often.

Pigger Pig

Butt-Naked Bunny and the dressmaker form



To Do: April

I don't seem to be having a very good track record with getting things done on my monthly to-do lists.  Making a to-do list is step one to accomplishing a goal.  Step two is actually doing the things on the list.  Sounds simple, right?  I guess I just need to remind myself that this is simple and not let myself make a bigger deal about the tasks at hand than they actually are.  When I make a big deal about something simple, I get overwhelmed and can't overcome the perceived "bigness" of a task and then just don't do the task.  So I'm not going to make a big deal about anything on this list.  I'm just going to slowly check off as many of them as I can.

In order to make sure I maximize my chances of checking off the things on my list, I need to make a plan for how I'm going to do them.  A recent post from Feeding the Soil about changing your habits lists two things necessary for change, "Delineating the specific actions that must be undertaken in order to implement the change," and "Making it a routine with specific days and times."  So I'm going to outline specific actions and times to get things on my list done!

Most of these are from previous month's undone items:

  • find bartending job
  • Flylady:  Zones!  Routines!  Habits!
  • de-clutter and reorganize office
  • de-clutter and reorganize clothes
  • de-clutter and reorganize living room/kitchen pass through
  • schedule appointment with general practitioner
  • schedule appointment with ob/gyn
  • organize jewelry box
  • HAIR!!!
  • finish living room
  • create budget
  • restart C25K program
  • continue healthy eating
  • clean out truck
  • clean out pantry and fridge
  • make outline of yearly goals to help keep focused on the big picture
  • do at least one thing each month towards yearly goals
  • file taxes!!!

March Accomplishments

Hahaha!  That's a funny post title, considering I didn't really accomplish much of anything in March.  I went through the whole month in a haze of unmotivation, negativity, and grumpiness.  There are a lot of reasons why I didn't accomplish much last month, but all those reasons are irrelevant, and instead of focusing on why I didn't get anything done, I'm going to focus on the few things I did manage to do.

In March I:

  • got Den's B-day gift well, I didn't actually get him a gift.  I asked what he wanted and he said, "Just take me out for wings at Hooters."  So that's what I did.  I got some of our friends and family together and we had a great time eating wings.
  • bartending classes now I just need to find a place to work
  • organize post tags I think this is always going to be a work in progress
  • sell back books to Half Price Books I started with a small stack and got $10.  I will sell more back as I go through all my shelves.
  • continue healthy eating  I'm surprised at my dedication to healthier eating and weight loss.  Usually when I get frustrated and depressed my healthy eating habits are the first to go.
  • find a general practitioner and schedule routine checkup I got half of this one done.  I found the gp and still need to schedule an appointment
  • find an ob/gyn and schedule routine checkup Again, I got half of this one done.  I found the ob and still need to schedule an appointment
  • have fun!!!  Fun was definitely had this month, despite my grumpiness.
The things I didn't accomplish because I ran out of motivation:
  • create a budget
  • finish the frickin' living room!
  • unpack and put away wedding gifts in kitchen
  • change purses
  • Fly Lady:  Routines! Zones! Habits!  last month I didn't really do any zone work or my habit.  Am I noticing a trend?  Looks like I really need to reevaluate my dedication to this system.
  • de-clutter and reorganize office
  • de-clutter and reorganize clothes
  • clean out fridge and pantry
  • clean out truck
  • donate things to Goodwill/Salvation Army
  • de-clutter and reorganize kitchen/living room pass through
  • restart c25k program
  • scrapbook
And finally, the only thing I didn't accomplish because of lack of funds:
  • HAIR!!!

Fly Lady's April Habit: Making the Bed

This month's habit is going to be very easy for me to keep up with.  I'll be killing two birds with one stone.  Making my bed every morning is already part of my morning routine, so it won't require any extra effort to focus on this.  Plus, Den already helps by making the bed when I don't.  Between the two of us the bed gets made almost every morning.  I could choose to give myself another habit to focus on for April like I did in March, but instead I'm going to use this month to refocus on January's, February's, and March's habits.  I'm glad this month's habit is easy.  I need something easy for this month!

messy bed

made bed


Fly Lady's March Habit Results

dressed to the socks

I didn't get dressed to the shoes at all last month.  I knew I wouldn't and I'm not upset about it in the least.  In fact, I didn't even try.  I was shoeless and happy all month long.  Even though I spent most of the month completely unmotivated, I did manage to get dressed to the socks on most days.  This was good enough for me!  And I highly doubt that my shoeless status had anything to do with my lack of get up and go.

I did have trouble with my habit of the month, though.  But, I had trouble with everything in March.  My sink got dirty, I didn't declutter at all, and my morning routine went down the drain.  It's not the end of the world; I'll just have to try again this month.  As I write this, my sink is shined again, my laundry is done, and I've completed my entire morning routine.  All is not lost!  
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