Fly Lady's March Habit Results

dressed to the socks

I didn't get dressed to the shoes at all last month.  I knew I wouldn't and I'm not upset about it in the least.  In fact, I didn't even try.  I was shoeless and happy all month long.  Even though I spent most of the month completely unmotivated, I did manage to get dressed to the socks on most days.  This was good enough for me!  And I highly doubt that my shoeless status had anything to do with my lack of get up and go.

I did have trouble with my habit of the month, though.  But, I had trouble with everything in March.  My sink got dirty, I didn't declutter at all, and my morning routine went down the drain.  It's not the end of the world; I'll just have to try again this month.  As I write this, my sink is shined again, my laundry is done, and I've completed my entire morning routine.  All is not lost!  

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