Pink Flamingos

I've always been a huge fan of pink flamingos as yard art.  Over the years, Den has gotten me a couple of different flamingos for our tiki hut in the back yard; there's one that has Christmas lights all over it and moves its head back and forth and there's one that glows in the dark.  But I've always longed for a flock of plastic flamingos for the front yard. They're classy, they're kitschy, and they're fun.  They brighten up even the dullest of yards, and since I can't keep anything alive in the garden, plastic seems to be a good option for me.

Last night, we took a trip to the store to use up the last of the giftcards we got for our wedding.  And to my surprise and delight, there were pink flamingos on sale for $2.50 a pop!  Granted, they weren't as big as the classic original flamingos, but for $2.50 I can't complain.  I am now the proud owner of a flock of 5 mini flamingos.  I can see them out the office window standing guard in the front yard.  Pigger helped me decide where to put them.  I think I'll eventually add to the flock.  I wonder how many I could fit in my front yard?

The yard looks so sad.

instant happiness and class.  Pigger approves

Pigger and flamingo


Squeek, the supervisor

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