To Do: April

I don't seem to be having a very good track record with getting things done on my monthly to-do lists.  Making a to-do list is step one to accomplishing a goal.  Step two is actually doing the things on the list.  Sounds simple, right?  I guess I just need to remind myself that this is simple and not let myself make a bigger deal about the tasks at hand than they actually are.  When I make a big deal about something simple, I get overwhelmed and can't overcome the perceived "bigness" of a task and then just don't do the task.  So I'm not going to make a big deal about anything on this list.  I'm just going to slowly check off as many of them as I can.

In order to make sure I maximize my chances of checking off the things on my list, I need to make a plan for how I'm going to do them.  A recent post from Feeding the Soil about changing your habits lists two things necessary for change, "Delineating the specific actions that must be undertaken in order to implement the change," and "Making it a routine with specific days and times."  So I'm going to outline specific actions and times to get things on my list done!

Most of these are from previous month's undone items:

  • find bartending job
  • Flylady:  Zones!  Routines!  Habits!
  • de-clutter and reorganize office
  • de-clutter and reorganize clothes
  • de-clutter and reorganize living room/kitchen pass through
  • schedule appointment with general practitioner
  • schedule appointment with ob/gyn
  • organize jewelry box
  • HAIR!!!
  • finish living room
  • create budget
  • restart C25K program
  • continue healthy eating
  • clean out truck
  • clean out pantry and fridge
  • make outline of yearly goals to help keep focused on the big picture
  • do at least one thing each month towards yearly goals
  • file taxes!!!

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