I'm Getting Old

Saturday night with the cat and the computer.  The cat is not normally this blurry.

It's seven o'clock on a Saturday night and I'm already in my pajamas.  But that's only one of the things that makes me feel old, although comfortable.

Last weekend I ran into an old friend of mine out at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  In the last year I haven't been as social as I would like, especially in the actor community, of which my friend is a part of.  I mentioned this to her, and we made a pact to make sure to get together at least once between then and the new year.

Yesterday, I got a text from her inviting me to karaoke on Sunday.  She has a group of friends that does karaoke on the first Sunday of the month and they always pick a different theme for the outing.  This Sunday:  favorite hats.  Awesome!  But wait....it's 10pm-2am.  Ten at night?!?  Am I still able to stay up that late?  That seems awfully late to be going out.  Wait...did I actually just think that?  What's happening to me?  My inner 19 year old is hanging her head in shame.

What's next?  Music that's too loud?  Yelling at those damn kids to stay out of my yard?  Dinner at 4pm?

Maybe I better go out tomorrow.

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