Rained Out

Dickens on the Strand happened down in Galveston this weekend.  Den and I planned on going Sunday, but unfortunately it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  Which is actually pretty good, considering we've been in a drought for the last year.  But the weather would've done a number on our Victorian outfits and those things don't come cheap, so we decided to stay home.

But we didn't let our entire Sunday go to waste.  Den had the great idea to head over to Cole's, the local flea market.  And what a day it was!  I put on my galoshes, hoped the rain would wash the blood off them, and headed off on a grand adventure.

bloody boots
the boys are ready to go

slow day at the flea market...where are all the people?

puppies!!!  I always feel sorry for flea-market animals, though....

ahhhhhhhhh!!!!  that puppy ate my finger!!!!

fresh produce

yes, it's December 4th and I'm comfortably wearing shorts outside, and yes, my legs are just that white

my big purchase of the day; a $12 chandelier....not sure what color it's going to end up

puppy; if I could liberate you, I would

yes, I'm still in America

corn in a cup with sour cream and butter; best mid-day snack ever.  Den added hot sauce to his

my flea-market face

chickens--you will be liberated, too

I found all the people; the game was on in the food court

ok, I'll liberate you, too

a room full of cars, perfect for the boys; they have everything here!

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