Baby Bump, or the Big Knocked-Up Elephant in the Room

Den's birthday, and the day after we confirmed the good news!

A lot has happened in the six (almost seven ::do'oh::) months since I've posted here.  I'll try to play a little catch-up, and hopefully start writing again!

Den and I spent the first three months of the year trying to get pregnant.  It was such a stressful and emotional and frustrating time that I had a hard time wanting to write anything here that wasn't just filled with negativity and cynicism.

And worked!  Holy crap!!  I got pregnant!!!  Wooooo hooooo!!!

But I didn't want to announce it to the world until I was at least 12 weeks along, and starting at 6 weeks I've had the most annoying morning sickness and had a hard time doing anything.  Now I'm 16 weeks along and well enough to read and type, and I have really good news and a lot of stuff on my mind to write about, so I guess I'm writing again!

And now I have a whole new motivation for reinventing myself and being the person I want my child to see me as!  Holy crap!  I'm gonna be a mom!!!

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