August Birchbox

I have to say, I'm not that impressed with this month's Birchbox.  I was actually a little disappointed when I opened this month's box.  Of course, last month's was a tough act to follow, but I hope there aren't too many more dud boxes, or I'll probably cancel my subscription.  I don't really want to cancel. I like getting something fun in the mail every month, especially when it's something that pretty much forces me to do something nice for me.  Plus, with so much home renovations going on, it's nice to have a little girlieness added into my life.

This month's theme is Back to School.  The Birchbox team put together a box to, "refill your beauty supply kit with must-try essentials and new products that will take you through the fall."  I wouldn't exactly say that this box refills my beauty supply kit as it's very light on product, and I'm don't think anything in this box will take me through fall.  Maybe next month...

  • Schick Hydro Silk Razor:  This product was the main reason my heart sank when I opened this box.  I hate shaving my legs.  I hate having hairy legs even more than shaving, which is why I do shave, but I hate shaving my legs.  I have extremely sensitive skin and dark, coarse hair, which make for a shaving nightmare.  It took me years to find a razor that wouldn't leave me with razor burn every time I used it, and I have been a loyal Gillette girl forever (I swear by the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor).  I don't even bother with women's razors; they just don't get the job done.  Anyway, I went ahead and tried the Schick and didn't like it at all.  The blades seemed to drag and pull along my legs instead of glide (which always happens when I try a Schick), and I was a nicked and bloody mess by the time I was done.  I will say I like the grip on the handle.  It fit my hand better than what I usually use, and the hydro part of the razor was nice, but didn't really get wet enough to provide any decent lubrication until I was done with my first leg.  I definitely won't be buying this product ever.  I got a closer shave with a thrice used Gillette than with the brand new Schick.
  • Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream:  A good shaving cream or gel is essential to avoiding razor burn.  Admittedly, for the last several months I've only been using whatever shower gel I have on hand to shave with instead of actual shaving cream and it's been working out just fine, so I really thought I'd like this product.  Instead of being an aerosol, this shave cream goes on more like the shower gel I've been using recently, only thicker.  It doesn't foam up at all, but seemed to create a really slick surface on my legs (although it didn't stop that Schick from dragging along my legs).  But that's where the goodness stopped.  This stuff clogged the razor blades up like you wouldn't believe, and didn't rinse out very well at all, which was very frustrating and made for slower shaving.  I even tried it with my Gillette with the same results.  Plus, it seemed to leave me with more razor burn, even when using my Gillette.  Major disappointment.
  • Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur Perfume:  This is a nice smelling perfume, but not something I think I'd pick out for myself.  I'm terrible at describing smells, so I'm not sure where to begin.  My first thought when I sprayed this on my wrist was, "This smells like high school."  Not to say that this is an immature scent or that it smells bad, but it definitely seemed very youthful.  At first it smells more floral, but then I think it settles into a slight musk, although the description says nothing about musk.  That just goes to show how well my nose works...not!  I'm keeping the sample in my purse so I'll have it close if the mood strikes!
  • twistband Hair Tie:  Not really sure what to say about this.  A hair tie?  Really?  Lame.
  • theBalm cosmetics Stainiac:  I love lip stains, but lip stains don't love me.  My lips chap really easily, even when I apply chap stick and stay hydrated, so stains usually start out looking nice on me, but then as my lips chap, the color gets all blotchy and uneven.  But this!  This stain is really subtle, but pigmented enough to notice.  I don't know what's different about this from other products, but I applied it in the morning before work, and it lasted most of the day.  And when my lips inevitably chapped, the color didn't get all weird and uneven.  Win!
Although the lip stain won me over, I'd have to say August's box was a big thumbs down overall.  I hope this isn't a trend with Birchbox because I just signed up and hope to continue the service.  I just don't think they had the right demographic in mind when they put this box together; I'm not in high school, I know how to shave my legs, and I have plenty of hair ties.  I'm crossing my fingers that September's box is going to be a winner.

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