Nurtured Family

Nurtured Family

As time flies by and Baby Reyna's due date fast approaches, it has recently occurred to me that Dennis and I need to start preparing!  And preparing means more than just finishing our home renovations and moving.  However, I'm not exactly sure how and what I should be preparing.  This is our first baby, and I've never been around babies before, so there's a HUGE learning curve for me.  As far as I know, after Baby Reyna gets here, all I have to do is poke it with a stick, right?!?  I've been doing some research online about this whole baby thing, and have been reading some books, but I still feel pretty much clueless.  I need to talk to some real life parents about all this stuff.  One of my clients suggested I head over to a local shop, Nurtured Family, with any questions I might have (and there are plenty), and they'd be happy to help.

I love shopping small and local, so last week I drove over to see what this whole baby thing is all about.  I was very surprised to find this boutique shop in the middle of an industrial business park, but it's location certainly didn't have anything to do with what it is like on the inside.  Nurtured Family's specialty is cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursing support, and natural remedies, along with many other support products for baby and family.  In other words, a good place to start getting lots of information about All Things Baby.

When I got there, I was immediately greeted by one of their employees.  I really should've gotten her name because she was so very helpful.  She taught me everything I need to know about cloth diapering and baby wearing, both things Dennis and I are planning on doing.  All of my questions were patiently answered and she did a great job at alleviating some of my anxiety about what to do with a baby (apparently you're not supposed to poke it with a stick, as was my previous assumption).  Nurtured Family also offers classes ranging from breastfeeding to baby wearing, to cloth diapering, as well as others.  I've already added tons of stuff from their online shop to my registry, and plan on taking several of the classes.  I feel like I'm on my way to semi-prepared motherhood!

If you're a Houston local needing mothering/family supplies, head on over to their shop.  It's on the northwest side of town at 8525 Jackrabbit Road, Suite B, 77095.  Their business hours are Monday-Saturday 10a-5p, or you can always visit them online

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