We Bought a House

Finally, after almost two years of searching, we bought a house.  It took us a very long time to decide exactly what we wanted and what neighborhood to move into.  If we had wanted to buy any old house just to own a house, we would've bought a long time ago.  After much thought and deliberation, we decided we wanted to buy a multi-family home inside the Loop.  The neighborhood we decided on, Riverside Terrace, is undergoing gentrification revitalization, so prices were still well within our range for a home so centrally located in Houston.  It's a beautiful brick two story duplex built in 1928, and it's in great condition.  It needs some updating to the kitchens and bathrooms, and the property needs some cosmetic work, but it's nothing we can't handle.

We closed on the property on July 11, and I started painting the very next day!  I'm so ready to move into central Houston (right now we live way out in the country and I'm ready for city life).  I'll be posting a page full of before pictures of the place, and I'll make sure to post plenty of pictures of the renovations sprucing up of the place.  Hopefully we'll have enough work done to move into the place by the end of September.  That way I'll have enough time to settle in before the baby comes.  We'd better get busy!!

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