Mom to the Rescue!

During my crazed obsession with painting all the rooms of the new house before we move in, I have actually managed to get two rooms done, and two rooms at a move-in-able amount of done.  The master bedroom and nursery are pretty much completely move in ready at this moment in time, and the living room and dining room are done enough to move into.  My singular ADD focus on painting has been broken and I've snapped back to reality.  I wish I could say I got more accomplished before that hyper focus I had going on dissolved, but I didn't.  The striped walls in the nursery are what did me in.  Never try to paint stripes on walls by yourself.  Ever.

the motivation killer

Those stripes were killer; after that, I hit the wall with painting.  No pun intended.  I simply couldn't go on, and I didn't want to.  I needed to, and I had to, so I was going to, but I was not happy about it.  Not happy at all.  I was simply done with painting even though the house wasn't finished.  And then I got a phone call from my mom.  "Jessie,  I love what you've done with the nursery and I want to help.  I'm coming to visit this weekend to paint.  Have something ready for me.  I like to cut in and I don't like to roll.  I'll see you on Thursday."  Or something to that effect.  I'm paraphrasing a little, but you get the idea.  She psychically picked up on how I was feeling and she swooped in to save me!

And so she rolled into town and to the rescue!  On a Greyhound bus, no less! The woman won't drive on highways, and has the worst sense of direction I've ever seen; it's better to let someone else do the driving.  She spent Friday, and Saturday cutting in the living room ceiling and walls while I went to work at my day job, and on Sunday I rolled out the ceiling and walls while she worked on the trim.  She put me two weeks ahead and got me over the hump of not wanting to do anything else even remotely paint related.  Have I told you my mom is the best?  Did I mention she had to take a bus to help me?  A bus!  She's so awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm not still two weeks ahead with painting, but the kitchen has taken up most of our focus for the last two weeks.  And that's okay.  We can move into a place with unpainted walls, but we can't really move in until we have a working kitchen.  At least I've got 4 rooms move-in-able.  And so the renovations continue...

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