September Birchbox

Birchbox, you have redeemed yourselves from the catastrophe that was August's box.  And although this month's box isn't as epic as July's, I am pleased with each and every sample this go round.  I am a little miffed that it took two weeks from the ship date to the delivery of my box, though.  Nothing should take that long to ship within the USA.  I was really beginning to doubt my samples would make it to me in time to review before month's end!

The theme for this month is Fall, which seems very appropriate given the imminent change of the seasons.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and living in Houston, I definitely welcome the change of season.  I get so tired of the heat!  Apparently, the change of season signifies a change in most women's beauty routines.  Being a super low maintenance girl leaves me with virtually nothing to change.  As much as I want/like to, I almost never wear makeup, and although I should, I have virtually no skin care routine.  I don't moisturize, and I only use a washcloth and water to clean my face.  I'm lucky to have good skin, I realize this, and I know I should do at least something to prevent slow down any signs of aging (especially with a baby due soon!).  These samples definitely have me motivated to do a little more for myself.

  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator:  I really liked this face scrub.  Apparently, the enzymes break down dead skin cells, and the microderm crystals minimize the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.  Either way, I really, really liked the texture of the mocroderm crystals.  They were much finer than what I'm used to in other exfoliating scrubs and felt gentler on my skin, but seemed to do a better job at leaving me with soft skin and without any rawness or redness.  I'm not sure if my skin was actually brighter after using it, but I certainly felt fresh faced.  I may even buy this.
  • Jouer Matte Moisture Tint:  Apparently this product is considered a CC Cream, (AKA a color control cream - an all in one base/moisturizer/skin corrector/sunscreen), which is this season's BB Cream, (AKA beauty balm cream - an all in one base/moisturizer/skin corrector/sunscreen).  What's the difference? As far as I can tell, CC Creams offer heavier coverage than BB Creams.  Again, I don't have a beauty routine that needs to change seasons, but I know enough that in the Spring and Summer, makeup, especially base, is generally applied much lighter than in the Fall and Winter.  Hence the CC cream in the Fall samples.  I love the idea of an all-in-one skin treatment/foundation/sunscreen.  It's rare for me to use base unless I'm doing stage makeup, so I'm guessing a BB is more up my alley than a CC, but again, it's Fall, and most ladies want a slightly heaver coverage.  Birchbox sent me the color Linen.  It's the second lightest shade offered.  I generally choose the lightest shade of anything since I'm so fair skinned, but this really seemed to match my skin color really nicely.  I loved the way it blended from a liquid/cream consistency to a very velvety powdery finish.  I didn't find the coverage to be too heavy, either.  I do wish it offered better than SPF 15; anything less than 85 doesn't seem to do anything for me.  I'd love to have this product in my makeup case, but the price is way too steep for someone who rarely wears makeup.  I wish the sample size were larger; I know it's just a sample, but it was so small I felt a little cheated.

  • Birchbox and Color Club Custom Collection Nail Polish:  There are 4 colors in this custom collection from Color Club, and I'm so happy I got my favorite one in this month's box!  I got Tweet Me, an almost eye searing neon grellow.  To me, it's much more of a Summer color, but apparently neons are still in for Fall.  Usually at this time of year I'm wearing deep reds, burnt oranges, and smokey grays.  I haven't painted my nails since getting pregnant (morning sickness pretty much kept me from doing anything my first trimester, we started renovating our new house in my second trimester, and now that I'm in my third trimester I find it hard to reach my toes and I can't paint my fingers and leave my toes out), so I may or may not use this before the baby gets here, but at least I can add it to my stash and use it later.  Win!
  • LA FRESH Eco Beauty Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Individual Packets:  I haven't used this yet--see above--I haven't done my nails since getting pregnant, so it'll probably be a while before I update this review once I actually use this.  I am a little skeptical about the individual pads being able to remove polish from all 10 nails, but I really like that the company is cruelty free and uses natural ingredients.  When I do polish, I polish often, and, again, the price point will probably keep my from purchasing this in the future.  I go through remover pretty quickly.
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Tea Pouches - My favorite sample in this month's box.  I'm a daily tea drinker and always have a variety of teas on hand at home.  When I first opened my box I though I only got one tea bag, but as it turns out I got three!  Nice surprise!  I received Vanilla Bean Black Tea, Green Tea Tropical, and Citrus Chamomile.  These teas all taste great, and are perfect for different times of day.  The amount of caffeine is listed on the outside of each packet, along with optimum brew time so you can easily pick the right tea for the occasion and you can always end up with a delicious cup of goodness.  This is also something I might buy when my current supplies start to run low.

  • kate space new york Twirl perfume:  This perfume is definitely more sophisticated than last month's.  It's slightly heavier and more suited for Fall, but it's not a scent I see myself wearing.  It smells nice, but the description online says it's fruity and floral, and I just don't get that at all from this blend.  I don't dislike it; it's just not for me.
  • Madewell $25 Gift Card (off $75 or more):  This was a nice extra in the box, but not something I would use for several reasons:  a)  I'm hugely pregnant and there's no sense in buying clothes right now, b)  the clothes sold here aren't really my style, although they are cute, and c)  I never, ever pay that much for any apparel, ever, even with a coupon.  Yikes!
I am so relieved that this box was better than last month's.  There were things I would actually consider buying from this month, even at the exorbitant prices for high end products.  I do wish it hadn't literally taken 14 days for my box to arrive.  They ship on the 10th of the month, and mine didn't arrive until the 24th, leaving me less than a week to try to use everything before month's end.  Hopefully October's box will arrive sooner!  I am definitely looking forward to it.  Fingers crossed that it's a winner, too!

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