Totaled, But Not Totally

my damage
Three weeks ago, I got in a wreck.  The good news is that it wasn't my fault, I wasn't hurt, and Baby Reyna is fine.  The bad news is that the insurance company decided to total out my 4Runner, which is exactly what I was hoping wasn't going to happen.  But there's a silver lining to this little story.

The person who t-boned me was driving a company car on company time.  The company they work for is a transportation company, and apparently the company has such a large fleet of vehicles that they handle all insurance claims in house instead of using an outside company.  As it turns out, this is a very good thing for me.  Instead of having a claims adjuster come out and look at the damage to my vehicle, they wanted me to get two estimates and then they would decide if they would fix my vehicle or total it out.

their damage
While my 4Runner was at one place getting an estimate, the company liaison called me and told me, based on the pictures I sent in, that they were declaring my 4Runner a total loss.  Grrrrrrr.  I was getting my boxing gloves on, prepared to fight, when they then went on and explained that since they weren't a traditional insurance company that a total loss was handled differently than usual.  Instead of them cutting me a check and taking my vehicle, they simply cut me a check.  I got to keep my vehicle and there would be no salvage title issued.  I could use the money to buy a new vehicle or repair mine or whatever else I wanted to do with the settlement.  Okay, I thought, I can work with this.  I asked for 24 hours to decide if I wanted to accept their offer.

I got the estimate back on repairing the 4Runner, and it was almost the exact amount of the settlement check.  It included fixing the back axle, the running board, the door, and the fender.  Awesome!  All I wanted was to make my 4Runner drive-able again anyway.  We got another estimate for just fixing the axle and it came to half of the settlement check.  I decided to accept their offer.

A few days later, my check came in the mail, and we got the back axle fixed, got two new tires, and got an alignment.  All that came up to half the settlement amount.  Of course, my running board and fender still need to be repaired.  I decided I don't want the door fixed.  I kind of like the character that small dent adds to the 4Runner.  The rest of the money will go to getting Den's Miata fixed.  We'll get the running board and fender taken care of eventually.  So we're really coming out ahead.  My 4Runner is drive-able and we finally have the money to fix the Miata.  Win-win!  Making lemonade out of lemons!!!

almost like new; and I even washed my 4Runner!

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