Installing the Kitchen Floor - A Photo Timeline

The floors come up, the floors go down, the floors come up again, and the floors go back down, or something like that.  A few days after we ripped up the ugly ceramic tiles that were living in our kitchen, we finally started laying down our beautiful new cherry laminate floor.  And we were going full steam ahead, despite all the warnings we had gotten from friends and family about how indestructible laminate flooring is to everything except water.  We had gotten a great deal on it, and had already bought it, so down it was going!

Dennis started the putting them in one day after work (with the help of Pigger and Butt-Naked), and although it's super easy work and we could've gotten it all done in a Sunday afternoon, we went turtle speed on this project to make 100% certain everything went according to plan.  And after all, it's the turtle that won the race; slow and steady, my friends, slow and steady.

A couple of days after Dennis started on the floors, his mom came over to help.  Before they started in on the floors, there were a couple of pieces of drywall that needed to go in; they had to be ripped out in the first place due to shoddy workmanship done by whoever put in the kitchen cabinets.  At least it was an easy fix!

Hey!  What's going on in there?!?

Not long after they got the drywall put in, I joined them and got in on the floor action!  Pigger helped, too, and for those of you worried that I've been working too much while pregnant, don't worry!  I promise I go slow, don't overexert myself, and I always rest when I feel like resting!

I can sleep anywhere

After a good night's sleep (at home, in my bed), Dennis and I headed back over to the new place to finish up the last bit of flooring.  Our friends, Lynn and Jenny, stopped by to see the progress, and it was a good thing, too.  Dennis had a horrible headache and luckily, Jenny had some medicine with her.  She even got in on helping out with some of the floors.  I was happy to sit back and watch!  Somehow I didn't take any pictures of Jenny working.  Oh well, maybe I was napping again.  Poor Butt-Naked got a sympathy headache, so Pigger had to comfort him.

Finally, we were done!  We did a happy dance, cleaned up, and went home.  All was well in the world....until the next day.  When I got this phone call from Dennis:

D:  .....are you sitting down, Honey?
J:  Yes.
D:  I don't know how to say this...
J:  Say what?  (I'm freaking out at this point thinking the worst possible things)
D:  The kitchen floors got wet last night.
J:  Ummm, what did you just say?
D:  When I went over to the new place this morning on the way to work, the kitchen floors were wet.
J.  What do you mean wet?  We put down plastic.  What do you mean wet?!!?  How???  Wet???  What?!?
D:  Well, there was a big puddle of water on the floor and it got under the plastic.  I think the upstairs neighbors did laundry last night, and when their washer drained, it backflowed into our kitchen.
J:  ...
D:  I mopped up all the water, but it still ruined the floors.
J:  Ruined?
D:  Well, not ruined, but damaged.  If the floors were like this when we first looked at the place we probably wouldn't even notice or care, but we'll definitely notice this every time we walk into the kitchen for as long as we live here.  We need to redo the floors.  I'll start tonight when I get off work.
J:  ...

So we had less than 24 hours of beautiful floors.  I met Dennis at the house when I got off work, and things were much better than I expected them to be.  Luckily (?) the puddle was on the side of the room where the last rows of flooring went down, making un-installing them much easier.  Dennis had already removed the damaged pieces of laminate - all 7 of them.  Yes, only 7 pieces of laminate got damaged.  And as we replaced the damaged pieces, only 2 of them needed to be cut to size.  Needless to say, the work went really fast.  When Dennis showed me the damaged pieces, I could barely tell that there was anything wrong with them.  The edges had barely gotten warped.  Barely.

Finally, we finished the repairs, plugged all the pipes so we wouldn't have a repeat puddle, and put down new plastic.  New floors, complete.  All except for sealing them.  We still need to figure out how to do that.  At least we still have extra laminate if something horrible happens.


  1. You just had a strenuous day installing those floors until some neighbors clumsily threw their water. I'm sorry about what happened and the fact that you will redo your floor job again. It's definitely being time consuming that requires lots of effort. Why don't you call professional services for help? There are reputable companies that you can check out online that do floor installation as well as water damage. You might want to check on them.

    1. It wasn't actually the neighbor's fault. All they did was wash their laundry. The plumbing didn't malfunction, either. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, but because we didn't think to cover the drain, it backflowed into our kitchen. Luckily, the next day we were able to fix the floors, and plug the drain pipe to keep the same thing from happening again. Once we put the sink back where it belongs we won't have to worry at all! I'm just glad the floors are done and we didn't have to spend the money on a professional! :)


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