T-Minus Ten Days to The Big Move

Or rather, ten days until we finally start sleeping at the new place, no matter what!  In reality, there's no way we can actually get everything moved in 10 days, but the house we're living in now is owned by Den's family, so there's no rush to get 100% packed and moved in such a short time.  We have wiggle room to only take what we need/love from the old place and then spend some time donating/selling/throwing away all the stuff we don't want/need/love.  Easier said than done.  Especially when this is what the new place currently looks like.

Master Bedroom:  At least there's a mattress.  And boxes everywhere! I'm pretty sure we're just going to have to get used to living with boxes everywhere for a while.

The Nursery:
Not as many boxes, but an armoire that I'm not too fond of and can't wait to get rid of, oh and doesn't fit in the space at all.

The Kitchen:
Or at least the room where the kitchen will be.  That's right, we still don't have a kitchen.  But I'm not too worried about that.  We have a fridge and a microwave.  I can get by on just those two appliances for quite some time.  I'm pretty sure once we start sleeping at the new place, the kitchen is going to come together pretty quickly.  I have to say I like the empty room better than the awful layout that was here when we bought the place.  We have figured out the layout for the kitchen when we put it back together and I'll write up a post about that soon.

The Butler's Office:
The chandelier needs to come out completely because of bad wiring and we need to figure out another lighting alternative.  But at least the walls are painted.  I'll post about that someday, too.

The Dining Room:
This room has been a general dumping ground for all things construction lately.  It needs to be cleared out so I can move furniture in.  And this is where our fridge has been living.

The Living Room:
This room has also been a general construction dumping ground.  It's also where our hand-me-down front loader washer/dryer have been living until we put them in the kitchen.  We've moved our love seat in for now, but have such a long way to go.

The Guest Room/Craft Room/Massage Studio:
Yes, our kitchen counter and sink have been living in this room lately.  And it's where we've put all the baby swag we've been gifted over the past couple of months.  I have absolutely no idea where all this baby stuff is going to go, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I also assume it's where all the boxes will land when they first get here and then I can disperse them.

So that's pretty much where things stand at the new house right now.  I feel a little panicked about getting enough done before the baby gets here.  If I can get the bedroom and nursery set up, I think I'll be okay.  Everything else can wait.

Mom came to visit this weekend, too, and has done so much to get the old place packed.  I've reached the point in my pregnancy where I'm pretty much worthless to get anything done.  I tried packing boxes, but my belly keeps getting in the way!  And I can pretty much forget about lifting anything at this point.  So Mom came to the rescue, again!  Now I just need to find someone to move all this stuff!!!

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