Little By Little

Little by little and bit by bit we're getting the new house set up, but I think we're just going to have to accept the fact that there will be boxes pretty much everywhere for a long time. A very long time.

We have at least managed to get our bed set up, with our fancy new temperpedic mattress, no less, and Jack's co-sleeper. It's so comforting to have a nice bed to fall into at the end of a long day. We may be living in box chaos. It may be next to impossible to get much of anything done with a newborn. We may only have a tiny fraction of our stuff even packed and moved. But at least we have a nice bed to come home to.

I do have to admit that the bed is the only nice thing about our bedroom at the moment. If I take a picture at just the right angel, it looks great, but then I have to be honest and post the pics of what the rest of the room looks like! At least I have that one thing done.

Still no Internet here, so I'm not even sure what these posts look like. Maybe someday I'll come back and edit them to pretty them up. For now, this'll have to do.

Now to go decorate the Christmas tree!

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