Mad Dash to the Finish

We've owned our house for a little over six months now, and the work that was supposed to take 6-8 weeks to complete and is required according to the terms or our home loan still isn't done.  There are lots of reasons and lots of excuses as to why the work isn't complete yet, but I'm not going to get into that.  What's important right now is getting the rest of the work completed as quickly as possible.  After over 8 weeks of not having any work done, things finally got moving again yesterday.  Most of the work is finished; this is the last mad dash to the finish line. There's light at the end of the tunnel!  Which is a good thing because, according to the loan, all work should've been completed 3 weeks ago.

Here's the low down on what's already been done and what's happening as we speak I type:


  • Provide railing at front steps - work is being done right now.
not the artistic vision we were hoping for, but that can always come later
  • Replace any broken or missing brick; repair any separations in brick - work is being done right now.  We ended up having to hire another contractor to do this work because our first contractor was taking too long with everything else

  • Remove and replace damaged siding on walls of garage.  Paint to match. - DONE

  • Repair damaged roof of awning above 2nd story rear entrance - DONE yesterday

  • Repair damaged flashing - DONE
  • Remove and replace any damaged fascia boards, soffit joists and soffits.  Paint to match. - DONE; the paint is being touched up right now

  • Remove and replace any rotted window trim and sills.  Paint to match. - DONE
  • Properly seal and weatherstrip all doors and windows - DONE yesterday
  • Provide spindles on rear stairs and guardrails; spacing not to exceed 4" - work is being done now

  • Install drywall on walls and ceiling of second garage bay - DONE

  • Remove and replace damaged ceramic tiles in 1st floor kitchen - DONE

  • Repair 2nd level door between rear and middle bedroom - DONE
  • Install catwalk in front of A/C unit in attic - DONE
  • Remove and replace 1st floor water heater, including repair of any corroded supply lines - DONE
  • Replace any missing or damaged electrical cover plates - DONE
  • Provide GFCI at 1st floor kitchen counter tops, bathrooms, and garage - DONE
  • Each living unit has a separate system that will be made operational by repair or replacement - DONE 
As you can see, we're so close to finishing what's on the list we can just about taste it.  Of course, there are about a million other projects to keep us busy after the things on this list.  I wish the work had been completed earlier, but at least it's just about done (and should be completed tomorrow!), and it's been a great motivator to start working on the house again.  I'll try to update the House Tour page soon; there have been some major changes to some of the rooms, like furniture, for instance.  Now, back to work!


  1. I'm so jelly of your house!!!! It looks so amazing already!

    1. Thank you! It was in really great condition when we bought it, so we haven't had to do too much to's actually a duplex...we have renters upstairs and we're living makes paying the mortgage a bit easier! And a coat of funky purple paint helps, too


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