February Post a Day Challenge

February:  the shortest month of the year.  Twenty-eight days.  Six hundred and seventy-two hours.  Forty thousand, three hundred and twenty minutes.  Should be enough time to crank out one blog post a day.  Especially if I don't get too wordy like I tend to do.  I'm challenging myself to write one new post every day this month.  Now that we have the internet all hooked up at the new place, and I've figured out mobile blogging, there should be no reason why I can't get this done.  Of course, if I run out of steam I won't beat myself up over it.  I made a list this morning of possible post topics; best to capture the inspiration as it strikes.  This challenge is going to serve two purposes (hopefully):  make me a better writer, after all, practice makes perfect, and to increase readership of this blog.  Let the challenge begin!

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