Friday's Letters


Dear blog:  I'm going to make you beautiful.  Right now you're the cute girl in the corner, and a total makeover is coming.  You will be stunning.  Eventually.  We're gonna work on that.
Dear digital point and shoot cameras:  Why do you take such horrible low light pictures?  You don't use film!  Just capture the image as I see it displayed on the screen!  THERE'S NO NEED FOR SUCH A SLOW SHUTTER SPEED!!!  No more blurry pics, m'kay?
Dear Jack:  Holy crap, you're in the next size onesies, and the next size diaper covers.  What???
Dear old house:  I'm sorry I said I never felt at home there.  That wasn't true at all.  I've had the best years of my life there, but it's time to move on.  Breaking up is hard to do.
Dear Dennis:  I love you.  Thanks for putting up with my crazy.  And for being such a great dad.

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