Yesterday's trip out to the old house got me thinking today.  I started this blog as a way to reinvent myself.  I didn't like who I was at the time and I wanted to make myself a better person.  I carried around a lot of bad habits, and, unfortunately, I really haven't changed much in the two years I've been blogging.  Major life events have happened; we bought a house and had a baby, and although those are two of the biggest ticket items on my original list of goals, it's some of the smaller things that plague me.  I'm still the same person I always was, I just own a home now and have a baby.  I'm still messy.  I'm still distracted.  I still can't get rid of clutter.

Having a baby and buying a home are new beginnings.  The start of a family;  the planting of roots.  I have a fresh start with a clean slate to begin again, trying to be that person I see in my head.  A better version of me is within my grasp, if I don't muck it up.  Old habits die hard and change isn't easy, but it is possible.  And I think it'll be easier now.  The change in venue is already making things easier for me.  I know you can't leave bad habits behind just by moving to a new place.  They have a way of following you.  But I don't have to let them in my new home.  I really think I have a chance of succeeding this time around.

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