Monthly Wrap-Up: February

Holy crap, is it really the last day of February?!?  And, holy crap, have I really not written anything for 2 weeks?!?  What in the world is going on with me???  Needless to say, my goal to write one post a day this month was an epic FAIL!  But I'm okay with that because life got in my way, not just laziness or neglect, and there's always March, right?

So what did I manage to write about this month?  I did a photo an hour project, and loved it!  Jack and I spent an afternoon at the park.  I turned a fridge into a pantry and unpacked more stuff.  Dennis worked on the front porch railings while Jack and I kept him company, and I kissed Jack...a lot.  I also bought a planner, but I don't like it all that much and need to make myself use it.

What I didn't manage to write about:  our visit with my Mom in Louisiana, more progress on the porch railings, NKOTB on tour again (!!!), working with my friend, Consuela, to decorate her house, the new kitchen layout, and plenty of other stuff.

In March, the only goal I have is to redesign the look of the blog.  I love the green and orange, but it's just looking a little juvenile to me and want to spruce things up a bit.  I hope to unpack some more, and bring more stuff from the old house over, and maybe do some painting.  Oh yeah, and to do some writing!

I'm linking this post up with Truly Chic Inspirations.  Check out what everyone has been up to this month!

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