Priming the Porch Railings

This afternoon, Jack and I kept Dennis company while he got the front porch railings ready to be painted.

The round rails aren't going to get painted; they're just getting clear coated so they don't rust.  We like the way they look all nice and silver.  It really sets them apart since the rest of the railing is made from square steel.  I convinced Den to paint the thick square steel the same teal as the accents on the house, and the smaller square steel in the same purple.  He's not so sure about the colors; he wants to stick with basic black.  I think it'll look fabulous!  He wasn't so sure about a purple house, either, and the purple looks a-mazing!

The center curlicue is going to get painted yellow so it'll really stand out.  If it all ends up looking horrible, we can always repaint it standard black.  But I know it'll look great! 

I made the personal goal of posting once a day, every day in February.  After my email got hacked a couple of days ago I kind of lost steam for posting, but now I'm back and to make up for not posting for two days, I'm going to post three times today....hopefully.  And one of those posts may actually be a meat and potatoes post with real content!

Post 2 of 3!

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  1. Awesome goals! I'm really trying to post more too, and it's been quite a challenge :(

    Modern Buttercup


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