Day In The Life, April 1, 2013

I'm back with another picture an hour post!  It looks like taking a photo an hour on the first of the month is starting to become a "thing" around here.  Hopefully it lasts because I really enjoy it.  As usual, I used my iPhone's Instagram app, and, yes, my profile is still private, so you'll have to request to follow me.  If you want to see my other Day in the Life posts, click here and here.

I was off most of the day yesterday.  I did go in for a few hours in the evening.  Momma's got to make some money!  I like this trend of not working on the first of the month; it makes for much more interesting pictures.  I don't try to plan anything special on picture day.  I do whatever needs doing that day, no matter how boring or mundane.  Some days seem to last forever and others just fly by.  Yesterday melted right through my fingers.

9:30 am
the baby slept in and so did I
coffee as always

10:30 am
Jack watches me make breakfast

11:30 am
time to run some errands

12:30 pm
at the bank

1:30 pm
getting the 4Runner inspected

2:30 pm
home again
lunch and some New Girl

3:30 pm
photo shoot

4:30 pm
heading to work

5:30 pm
getting ready for my first client

6:30 pm
finishing with my client

7:30 pm
in session with client*

8:30 pm
home again
Den's cooking dinner

9:30 pm
nursing Jack to sleep

10:30 pm
Jack asleep in his co-sleeper

Yay for babies who sleep through the night!

5:30 am
early morning feeding

8:30 am
good morning

9:30 am
cooking breakfast

So there you have it!  Another typical day for us.

*I did not actually take this picture while in session with my client.  I went back and took it after I was done. Taking a picture while in session would just be too weird and disrespectful.  "Ummm, excuse me for a second, I have to take a picture for a project I'm doing." said no massage therapist ever.


  1. Jack is a DOLL!!! How cute!!! He sucks his fingers like my lil guy does!!!!!!!

    1. OMG, sometimes he tries to get his entire fist in his mouth! It's too funny! But I think that means teeth are imminent--yikes!

  2. I really enjoyed this. I like day-in-the-life posts; it really helps you get to know the person behind the blog. Fun. And what a cutie pie little guy!

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of doing a day in the life link up next month if you're interested, and if I can get off my butt and organize it.

  3. This is such a cool thing to do!


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