Six Months of Jack

It's hard to believe it, but my baby boy turned six months old yesterday!  Jack had his Well Baby doctor's visit and his official measurements are 24.75 inches tall (that's over two feet!), and 13 pounds 3.3 ounces.  He's smaller than most 6 month olds, but he seems pretty big to me.  But that's to be expected since he was almost 7 weeks early.  In fact, he's growing so well he's almost on the normal growth curve for his birth date instead of the adjusted one for his due date.  That's a huge improvement!  Time has flown by, and I can't believe that in the same amount of time he'll be turning one.  I'd better get started planning his party.

I waited so long to finally become a mom, and went through so much to finally get pregnant (read about that here, here, and here), and I am so thankful for my baby every day.  He's brought more joy into my life than I ever expected.  I cherish every day.  I love you, Jack-Jack!!!

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  1. Happy 6 months Jack! I love seeing pictures every month of kids growing up. Makes me all mushy inside lol

    Thanks for stopping by the Blog Hop fellow Houstonian!!

  2. OMG! He's almost as big as that stuffed pig, and he was dwarfed by it in the beginning. Love it!

    I'm stopping by from the Lovely Blog Hop. :-)


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