A few days have gone by since we gave Jack his first solid food, and we have now moved on to bananas!  Jack was immediately curious about the banana and took it from me as soon as I offered it to him.  I don't think he found it very interesting, though, at least at first.  I had my camera ready, and I think me snapping pictures was too distracting for him.  I broke a piece of banana off for me to eat and gave him his own piece to explore.  Part of baby led weaning (BLW) is sharing food with your baby and eating at the same time.  I think this is going to be the most difficult part of the process because our schedules are so different; Dennis and I are rarely up at the same time for breakfast, are never together for lunch, and don't seem to be able to eat dinner before 10 pm these days.  I guess it's a learning curve for all three of us.  Anyway, Jack wasn't terribly interested in the banana after I finished eating my piece.  The camera was distracting him, and I don't think he liked that the banana went straight from the fridge to his hands.  Another aspect of BLW is not forcing food on the baby.  So as soon as Jack seemed uninterested, I put the banana in a zip-lock for later.

banana schmanana
gimme the camera

Later in the day, I decided to offer him the banana again, and this time it was a HIT!  I was making myself lunch, and didn't break out the camera until he was good and interested in the banana.  I think having it at room temperature and a bit squishier made things more interesting for Jack.  I sat back and just enjoyed watching him squish the banana in his hands, and like all things lately, try to chew on his hands/banana/anything within reach.  He also seemed to like the flavor of banana a little more than the honeydew, but that also may have had to do with temperature (the honeydew was also right out of the fridge) than with flavor.  I did have to help him a couple of times.  The banana was slippery and he kept loosing hold of it and it would fall into the seat of the highchair where he couldn't quite find it.  I would only hand it back to him or help him steady it; I never actually put the banana in his mouth.  One of the points of BLW is letting the baby feed themselves, and if I had tried to get the banana in Jack's mouth that would've defeated the purpose of letting Jack explore the food on his own.

hmmmm, what's this?

nom nom nom

and it feels good on my belly

really, Mom, I have no idea how this happened

So far I think we are on track with BLW.  Jack shows an interest in food and likes to examine whatever we give to him.  He picks it up, looks at it, pus it in his mouth, squishes it, looks at it some more, drops it, wants it back, squishes it again, looks at it, puts it back in his mouth, and rubs it on his belly.  Pretty typical of the early stages of BLW.  I wonder what to give him next.


  1. Hehe! Bananas are one of Aidens favourites! Jack looks so sweet in his highchair! Xo

  2. That last pic of your son is way too cute! I love how you are introducing food to him. My instinct would be to feed it to him, but I can see how it's important for him to do that himself.

    1. Thank you! It took all my self control not to mush up some of the banana and try to feed him. But then I think about how his poop is going to change when he actually starts eating the food, and realize it can wait...

  3. Well, maybe he wasn't interested in eating it, but from the pictures, it looks like he was interested in playing with it a bit. Not to give advice, but I've heard that different levels of ripeness affect people differently - like a fresh ripe banana is harder on some people's tummies? Anyway, it might be cool to experiment with different levels of banana ripeness? Can't wait to see more in this series. :)


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