Cave Spelunking

Can you guess what the next three pictures are?


I'll give you a hint:  the title of this post has nothing to do with what these pictures are.

 Any ideas???

Well, if you guessed the giant cavern under my driveway you'd be the winner!

Yesterday morning, this is pretty much what our driveway looked like.  You can see a crack and a small depression, but no gaping hole.  Repaving the driveway is something on our "maybe someday it would be nice to..." list.

Well that someday turns out to be  Because that small depression is now a giant hole, and that giant hole leads to a cavern under the driveway.  And I hope that cavern under the driveway leads to buried treasure and not Jimmy Hoffa's body.  From the crack in the pavement all the way to the sidewalk, there is 18 inches of nothing between the cement and the ground.  I don't know how this hasn't been a problem until now.  I mean, I've never heard of levitating driveways before, but apparently we have one.  Looks like Dennis is going to be busy today.

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  1. Holy hell! How has no one notices this before? I hope it's sorted ASAP for you!! Xo


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