Driveway Construction

Yesterday I talked about our crazy levitating driveway, and as I mentioned in my second post of the day, I was just too tired to type up a post about all the work Dennis did to keep our driveway from collapsing.  I was at work all day yesterday; when I left the house our driveway was all kinds of crazy, and when I got home that evening it was fixed!  I wasn't there to see the work happen, but from the pictures Dennis took I'm pretty much able to piece together what happened.  We were also able to figure out what caused the cavern.  Somehow water was getting under the slab and washed all the sand fill out.  We were wondering why there was always sand at the end of our driveway...duh.

Den's first idea of how to shore up the driveway was to mix runny cement and let it flow under the slab like water until the cavern got completely filled up.  He quickly realized that would take way too much cement, so he devised another plan.  His brother, Steve, came over to help, and they decided the best thing to do would be to dig out on either side of the slab and cut a hole in the middle to make sure they got cement into all the right spots.

They rented a cement mixer and a masonry saw, bought a bunch of cement, and got to work.

They used a jack to lift the corner of the slab and (I'm assuming) used wood or some other fill to keep the slab level while they poured the cement.  Unfortunately they didn't find any buried treasure.

This is the hole they dug on the opposite side of the driveway:

Next, Dennis used the masonry saw and cut a hole in the slab:

Then they mixed and filled, and mixed and filled, and mixed and filled.  I have a feeling this went on for a while.

is it just me or does Steve look like he's holding a microphone?

 They were even able to fix the sidewalk where the water was running out from.

It took them all day, but they were somehow able to get everything done in about 10 hours.  I am amazed at what they were able to do!  I just wish the cement had been wet enough for hand prints when I got home, but it had already set.  But that's okay; widening the driveway is still on our "maybe someday it would be nice to..." list.  I can always do hand prints then.  For now having a driveway that's not going to collapse under our cars is priceless.

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  1. Lol, yes that does seem priceless. Rats at the lack of buried treasure! And that's cool that they were able to do it - I don't know that I know anyone that would know what they were doing lol.


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