Food, Glorious Food!

I missed a day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge (oops), and instead of beat myself up about it, I'll post twice today.  I could tell you about the work Dennis did on the driveway today, but instead, I'm going to use the day's prompt of Food, Glorious Food.  Because I'm tired.  And I want to go to bed.  And I'll tell you about the driveway tomorrow.

I love food but I am a terrible cook.  Okay, maybe not terrible, but I don't have a lot of confidence or prowess in the kitchen.  Dennis is an amazing cook, but he doesn't have a food blog, so I'm going to point you in the direction of an equally amazing cook who does have a food blog.  My friend (in real life!), Marci, writes over at Full Throttle Flavor.  Two of my favorite things she's made are her raspberry filled lemon cupcakes and her lamb stew, but I haven't tried anything of hers that isn't out of this world.  She has been especially wonderful to Dennis and I by bringing us food when Jack was brand new and we weren't able to cook or sleep or think.  Thanks for helping keep us alive, Marci, and for doing such a delicious job at it!!!

Go check out her blog; you won't be disappointed!


  1. Raspberry lemon cupcake? I need this in my life. Stat. Oh my.

  2. Those cupcakes tasted even better than they looked!

  3. wow! i feel soooooooo special now :D
    thanks Jess!


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