Spaghetti Dinner

Yesterday I talked about what a great time Dennis, Jack, and I had over Memorial Day weekend at Scarborough Faire, but I left out one of the most important parts of the weekend, our annual Spaghetti Dinner.  I figured it deserved a post of it's own since it's such a big deal for everyone at faire.

About twenty years ago, my husband and his friends started Spaghetti Dinner.  Renaissance festivals are usually only open on Saturday and Sunday, but Scarby is open on Memorial Day Monday as well, making for a very long weekend.  One extra day doesn't sound bad, but when you're in costume, in character, in 90-100 degree heat, an extra day makes a huge difference.  So our friends decided to cook spaghetti for a few friends on the Sunday night of Memorial weekend.  Those few friends turned into a lot of friends and acquaintances, and that quickly turned into us cooking and serving almost 400 people Spaghetti Dinner every Sunday of Memorial weekend.  We feed anyone and everyone who works at the festival salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread for free every year.  It's a huge event that everyone looks forward to every year, and we wouldn't miss it for anything.

Troy adds the "secret" ingredient


the cooks eat first

salad wagon - this is actually how we served the salad at our wedding

the sauce arrives

waiting for the spaghetti to arrive

the spaghetti arrives


  1. That is a wonderful thing to do! Now I really fancy some spaghetti!

  2. Oh what a fun thing! I never thought to add butter to pasta sauce, what kind of difference does that make???

    1. It makes the sauce much, much richer, and much, much unhealthier.


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