During the last 12 years together, Dennis and I have been extremely fortunate enough to get to travel.  Our first trip together was a road trip all around Texas for my 21st birthday.  A couple of years later, we went to Colorado for New Year's, and back again the next summer for the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  We've explored New Mexico, and we went to Las Vegas with friends and visited the Hoover Dam and the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  We spent my 25th birthday in New Orleans (7 days before Hurricane Katrina hit).  I briefly lived in New Jersey for work and we got to spend a lot of time in New York together.  We did a European tour the next spring and went to Ireland, England, France, Germany, and The Netherlands.  I went to Los Angeles with my high school theatre teacher to see a classmate in a play.  I took a massage workshop in Big Sur.  We went to a wedding in the Mayan Riviera, where we also got engaged.  I had my bachelorette party in Las Vegas (Dennis had his bachelor party in New Orleans), and I was in a friend's wedding in Myrtle Beach the same year we honeymooned in New Orleans.  Last year we spent a week with friends in Key West.

We've done a lot of traveling, and we want to do so much more.  There are so many amazing places to visit in this world, and we haven't even begun to cross them off our list of destinations.  Traveling is an itch we need to scratch every so often or we'll go crazy.  I can't wait to take Jack to some of the places we've already visited and to go on new adventures together as a family.  One of my long term goals is to be able to take at least two trips a year; one domestic, and one international.  This year we hope to get to go to Branson, Missouri (of all random destinations), and sometime next year, if the stars align, we want to visit my cousin in Japan before she moves.  I want to take another European tour and go to Morocco (I know that's in northern Africa), Spain, Italy, Greece  and Turkey (and I know that's in Asia).  Dennis wants to go to Puenta Arenas.  I can't wait to take Jack to Disney World.  The list goes on and on!  I better go buy a lottery ticket....

New York 2006

Ireland 2007

England 2007

Paris 2007

Germany 2007

The Netherlands (North Sea) 2007

Los Angeles 2008

Big Sur 2009

Mayan Riviera 2009

The Proposal 2009

Las Vegas 2010 with my Mantron of Honor, Daniel

Myrtle Beach - Kristee's Wedding 2010 (yes, I really am that pale)

New Orleans honeymoon 2010

Key West 2012


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