Winner, Winner, Chicken (Tiki) Dinner

I took Memorial Day weekend off to go out of town with Dennis and Jack.  I was planning on blogging while away, and even took my laptop (scheduling posts takes way more forethought than I have), and I quite obviously did not blog all weekend.  Oops!  I should've known I wouldn't get any blogging done--I was on mini-vacation!  But that's okay, because when I got home, I found out I won an awesome set of two tiki mugs from Cupcake Rehab!  Entering this give-away is how I found out about Sourpuss Clothing and all their cool baby clothes, but I should note, had absolutely nothing to do with me winning.

see, totally random
I'm super excited to have won.  These mugs are going to look great in the (in progress) tiki themed dining room.  I'll post pictures of the mugs as soon as they arrive.  I'll also post about our weekend shenanigans soon (maybe even later tonight!); we had an amazing weekend full of fun stuff, so I have plenty to write about.  How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Have you won anything cool (lately)?


  1. Fun, I love winning! I surprisingly won a pair of headphones today, ones that I'm ridiculously excited about winning. Will share more when they get here. :) Meanwhile, I usually never win anything!

    1. That's great! I usually never win anything either. Hurrah for winning!


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