Rhino Coffee - Shreveport

I love getting to discover new places when I go home to visit Mom.  Jack is getting big enough to go out and about with us more, so we always try to do something different when I go home (my hometown isn't that big, so we'll see how long we can keep that up, lol).  This visit, one of the places we went was Rhino Coffee, a real life independent coffee house!  I spent my formative teen years hanging out at one of the first coffee shops in my hometown (the only one at the time) and I have a soft spot for independent coffee houses.  My Aunt Margo invited us to check out a drum circle/open mic night at Rhino and we had such a great time!

Jack, Aunt Margo, and Mom
The atmosphere of the place is great, the music was fun (and Jack was fascinated with the drumming), and the coffee was delicious.  I'm happy to see a place like this in my hometown.  Rhino is in a house that was once a bridal shop and they have a nice tribute to the original shop. 

The drum circle/open mic was outside, and the weather was perfect!  It's rare to have tolerable temperatures in Louisiana in June, even at seven in the evening.  Jack really wanted Margo's cup to chew on; I wonder if teeth are eminent?

Have you discovered anything new in your hometown lately?


  1. Oh my gosh, I just love that last picture!

    1. Thank you! He is constantly making me laugh with all the different things he tries to chew on!


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