House-iversary 1.0

how is this the only pic we took that day?

We bought our house one year ago today.  I can't believe how fast this year has passed, but at the same time, it feels like we've had this house for much, much longer than just 12 months.  Dennis and I spent almost 2 years looking for the perfect place, and it took us almost that long to realize exactly what we wanted.  We put bids in on a few other places (that obviously didn't work out) before I got pregnant.  After we found out I was knocked up expecting we I started to get panicky about not having any prospective places to even look at, especially after we had lost out on what felt like was the perfect place just a few weeks earlier (after almost 3 months of back and forth with the sellers).  We didn't want to wait too long to buy something because we wanted plenty of time to do any necessary renovations and pack and move before the baby (hahahaha!)

I scoured multiple times a day.  I had search criteria saved to my account and automatically got emails whenever matching properties were listed.  I drove around the neighborhood looking for properties that looked like no one was living in them and looked them up online.  I. Was. Desperate.  And then a listing popped up in my email.  Not just a listing, the listing.  Our house.  I knew it the minute I opened the email and saw the picture.  After looking online at hundreds of properties, I could tell this one was in excellent condition and the price couldn't be beat.  It was going to go fast.  We needed to act now.  I immediately called Dennis and tried to convince him to just put an offer on the table sight unseen (like 15 minutes after the property had been listed for sale - I was getting a little twitchy).  Instead, we arranged to have a walk through the next morning.

our first walk through

Even though I knew this house was The One, it wasn't love at first sight.  I think Dennis and I had gotten our hopes up and hearts broken over too many other places (we had even had a bid accepted on another place and then the sellers backed out - side note - that place still hasn't sold - take that other sellers).  During the walk through we both recognized what a steal the place was.  It pretty much met every criteria we had for a house.  It even had 2 bathrooms downstairs instead of just 1, which would be perfect if I ever decided to open my own massage space downstairs (each therapy room would have it's own shower!).  I wanted to make a bid right then and there, but we had only seen the first floor; the tenants upstairs weren't home, and the sellers didn't want them disturbed so didn't arrange for us to be let in.  Dennis wanted to wait.  I reluctantly agreed.  We were both nervous.

By the next morning, I convinced Dennis to put in a bid for just under the asking price.  The day after that, I got an email from HAR saying the property status had changed from an active listing to sale pending.  I called Dennis asking if he had heard anything.  I was assuming our bid had been accepted and we were going to buy a house!!! Our realtor called about that time and told us someone else had bid over asking price, and that we were not, in fact, going to be buying a house.  I was so disappointed.  Dennis was disappointed.  I was mad and frustrated and grumpy and desperate.  Dennis was frustrated and logical.  As usual, he brought me back down to earth and told me we'd find a place.  We just needed to keep our heads up, stay optimistic, and keep looking.  The listing for the property had already been taken offline by the end of the day. 

I kept looking.

About a week later, our house popped up in my email again.  This wasn't the first time a property we were interested in had been taken offline and then shown back up in my email.  When that would happen, I would usually call the listing real estate agent and ask if said property was actually available again or not.  One hundred percent of the time it turned out to be a glitch in the listing system and those properties were off the market.  So I tried to ignore the email.  That lasted approximately 1 hour before I called Dennis and told him to have our realtor investigate.  I could've called the listing agent myself, but couldn't handle any more disappointment so soon.

Dennis called me back.

J:  Well? (holds breath)
D:  David says the other offer fell through.
J:  And....
D:  The sellers don't want to accept our offer.  They think it's too low.
J:  [expletive deleted]
D:  They won't take anything less than the listing price.
J:  Well......that's not so bad.
D:  *sigh*
J:  Tell David we'll pay the listing price!!!  
D:  But we haven't seen the upstairs.
J:  There'll be time to see it, but we should get this place under contract right now.  It went fast once, and it'll go fast again.
D:  You're right.  We can always back out if the upstairs is trashed.

And so began our journey.  It took another 3 months for us to close on our "quick" sale.  I won't even go into the hellish process of actually buying a house (even though we had all our documents submitted to our mortgage company, our information changed hands so often, no one could seem to keep up with our stuff and we were constantly being asked to provide them with documents we'd already provided - but I digress)  We signed the mountain of paperwork one week before my birthday.  We thought about delaying the closing for 7 more days so I could say I got a house for my birthday, but the closing had already been pushed back several times and we couldn't stomach another delay.

I hoped we would close on a day I didn't have to work.  I wanted to sign the paperwork, and immediately start painting.  Like, leave the title company's office, head to Home Depot, and get to work.  Actually, I wanted to go to Barns & Noble first to buy a guest book for the new house, and then get started painting.  Instead, I had to watch the clock while we signed the papers to make sure we got done in time for me to make it to my first appointment.  I remember leaving the title company and rushing to get to work on time.  It was so surreal to buy a house and then rush to work.  I was able to get that guest book during my lunch break, though.

That night we had a few friends over, popped some champagne, and celebrated.  It was wonderful to be able to do something special to commemorate the day (we're still hoping on having a house warming party by the end of this month).  How I didn't take a single picture is beyond me.  I take pictures of everything!!!  At least Dennis snapped that goofy picture of me getting rid of the For Sale sign.

Happy House-iversary!  It may not have been love at first sight, but I knew you were The One the moment I laid eyes on you.  I'm head over heels for you!!!  Only 29 more years till we pay you off!!  Ouch........


  1. I think your house is really stunning from the outside :) I try not to think of the long road of mortgage payments! Too terrifying.

    I wish I had gotten a picture of a "Sold" sign for my home! By the time I moved in, it was gone :/

    1. Thank you! All the houses in our neighborhood are pretty amazing, and really well constructed.

      I had to make sure to get a picture of me and the For Sale sign; especially since closing day didn't go at all how I planned.


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