Day in the Life, August 1, 2013

This is my first photo an hour post where Dennis and I were both off work at the same time!  I realized this a couple of days before the first and was super excited that we were going to get to spend the day together (and I was going to get to capture the whole day an hour at a time).  Only we didn't.  We were both so busy with our individual projects that we hardly saw each other all day!  That's okay, though.  We were both super productive.  That's got to count for something, right?  Dennis just about finished up the garage doors he's making, and I met a major deadline with the contract work I've been doing.  As usual, I took all my photos on Instagram.  And my profile is still private, surprise, surprise.  If you ask nicely, you can follow along!  Without further ado, here's my day:

5 am
already up and working

6 am
my support staff

7 am

8 am
Dennis makes breakfast tacos

9 am
still working - the plant on my table

10 am
shower time

11 am
time for errands

12 pm
on the road

1 pm

2 pm
back in the car

3 pm
feeding the baby at Kroger

4 pm
done with groceries

5 pm
Den's handiwork

6 pm
keeping Jack busy while I work

7 pm
still working

8 pm
on the move

9 pm
hosing off the baby

10 pm

I did a little more work after Jack went to bed, but I couldn't stomach trying to creatively take another 2 pictures of my laptop.  

5 am
back at it
I'm not sure these pictures fully capture everything that went on yesterday.  So much happened in between!  Maybe I should've been taking pictures every 20 minuets instead of every hour!  Here's to an equally productive, but not so tiring day next month.


  1. Your baby just keeps getting cuter!
    Also: your cat is super cute too!!! Such a great color.

    1. Thank you! I'm constantly freaked out by how big he's getting (the baby, not the cat...although the cat has chubbed up since we've moved.....)

  2. I love this! I am fully intending to try to one of these photo-an-hour's just...on working days I can't just randomly take a photo in the middle of the work hours and my days off I find I mostly lazy. I'd be like "here's me watching a stupid B horror movie and eating popcorn....Now here I am reading a book...Now I'm watching TV." The excitement! lol

    But I love these photos and the insanely serious face on your little guy for the shopping and errands pics. :)

    1. Your days don't have to be exciting or special to do the photo-an-hour. Running errands and spending hours working on my laptop don't exactly make for an exciting day; just busy. I always try to take my pics on the first of the month; when the first falls on a day I go into work, it's super challenging to get anything interesting to post. I can't take pics while I'm working on my clients, so I go back and stage them, but there are only so many things I can take pics of in my therapy room....oh, my massage table, gee a bottle of lotion....thrilling!!!!

      To me, that's kinda the point to the photo an hour; to capture the glory of the mundane details of an average day. It's fun to look back on them.

      The picture of Jack in the car seat was right after he calmed down from a bit of a meltdown. He hates being put in the car seat so it's always something of a wrestling match. As we were wrestling, the timer on my phone went off reminding me to get a pic. I told him to get it together or there would be a cranky baby pic for the world to see and he was all "you wouldn't!", and I was like, "test me, son...."


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