Monthly Wrap-Up: July

This month was, as usual, a busy month for me.  I'm still taking on contract work which has been taking up a lot of the time I would normally spend blogging (and that's okay -- momma's got to get paid!).  On top of all the contract work, Dennis and I have been super busy doing house projects.  We didn't end up having a house warming party, but that's okay.  We spent so much time doing stuff around the house I just didn't have any energy left to write about it.

What I did manage to write about this month:  Jack's first time in the pool, how to maintain your sanity with a toddler at a waterpark, and I had a great time at the NKOTB concert (even though we went in June).  I also gave away some cool stuff and won some cool stuff.  I celebrated my birthday at the circus (post to come), and we had our first house-iversary.

I'm sure August promises to be just as busy.  We're still working like crazy on the house, and I'm still working like crazy on my contract stuff.  Jack's birthday is fast approaching and I feel like I seriously need to start planning things if I'm going to actually have a first birthday party for him.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll catch up with some blog posts.  I'm not sure how to handle all the posts I've thought about writing but haven't yet.  I have things from back in March (or earlier) I want to catch up on!!!  Any suggestions on how to handle that???

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