101 in 1,001

There are exactly 1,001 days between Jack's first birthday and my 36th birthday (if you count Jack's birthday as 1 and my birthday as 1,001).  I have an incredibly weird connection to dates and numbers, so when I started seeing 101 in 1,001 lists online and I found out how perfectly 1,001 days fit between our birthdays, how could I not create my own list of 101 goals?  These are in no particular order:

  1. cut my hair
  2. grow it out again
  3. have another baby
  4. start a blog with Dennis
  5. take Mom to NYC
  6. finish unpacking the house
  7. get everything out of the old house
  8. buy an income property (or 2)
  9. work for myself
  10. have Jack in Montessori school
  11. paint the kitchen cabinets
  12. stencil the living room
  13. stencil the dining room
  14. install beadboard in living room
  15. install bamboo in dining room
  16. paint all trim in house
  17. paint hallway
  18. gut and re-do main bathroom
  19. hang art
  20. hang gallery wall
  21. get curtains for living room
  22. get curtains for Jack's room
  23. plant vegetable garden and keep them alive till harvest
  24. plant a fruit tree
  25. get an acting agent
  26. get cast in a paid speaking roll in a movie (SAG)
  27. reach my goal weight
  28. attend an out of town blog conference
  29. open an Etsy store
  30. open an Ebay store
  31. buy a DSLR camera and lens
  32. buy a Macbook pro
  33. take 2 domestic family vacations (not including Mom's trip to NYC) 
  34. be in at least 1 play/year
  35. take some refresher acting classes
  36. take a photography course
  37. go camping with Jack
  38. take Jack to the beach
  39. be able to run (not walk) a 5K
  40. take 1 international family vacation ?
  41. receive a Leibster award
  42. organize my digital media
  43. canoe Buffalo Bayou
  44. take the Leisure Learning goat farming course
  45. become a doula
  46. paint dining room bench
  47. go to a Skeeters game
  48. go to a Dynamo game
  49. go to a Rockets game
  50. run a color run
  51. run a mud run
  52. go geocaching
  53. get matching tattoo with Dennis
  54. laser hair removal
  55. update my house tour page
  56. go ziplining with Mom
  57. paint garage doors
  58. throw a dinner party
  59. volunteer with FirstMemories Texas
  60. donate food to Ronald McDonald House at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women
  61. increase blog traffic to 10K/month
  62. try segmented sleep
  63. get bicycles
  64. scrapbook wedding photos
  65. decorate house (inside and out) for all holidays
  66. visit arboretum
  67. go to Miller Outdoor Theatre
  68. eyelash extensions
  69. host a game night
  70. buy own domain name
  71. move to WordPress 
  72. have backyard ducks
  73. write 150 blog posts in calendar year
  74. write 200 blog posts the next calendar year
  75. take the Texas State Railroad
  76. visit Saint Arnold's brewery
  77. take a winery tour
  78. sew something
  79. go to the Salvation Army auction
  80. find my perfect pair of knee high boots
  81. organize my clothes (and keep them organized)
  82. go 1 month without spending any money other than on gas/groceries/bills
  83. send Christmas cards every year
  84. send thank you cards for all gifts received
  85. go to putt putt
  86. take the NKOTB cruise
  87. buy some cowboy boots
  88. go fishing with Jack
  89. start a family tradition
  90. visit my Indiana family (does not count towards 2 domestic family vacations)
  91. get a family portrait taken
  92. buy a new vehicle
  93. get new headshots
  94. go to a mommy meet-up
  95. join the YMCA
  96. go to a Christmas tree farm
  97. host Thanksgiving
  98. take a cake decorating class
  99. get the tattoo on my leg removed
  100. finish painting Jack's dresser
  101. start painting my nails again
This should keep me busy for a while.....


  1. Great list! I hope you are able to accomplish all of them :) I've been thinking about moving to WordPress because they have a much larger collection of widgets. I've read that it can be a pain though so I haven't moved passed the "just an idea" phase.

    1. I hope I can accomplish them, too! I know there are a couple I might not cross off like buying a second property and getting pregnant (especially since I faced infertility once already). I'm trying to decide if I want to completely migrate to WordPress or just start fresh with new posts and reference stuff from .blogspot. I guess I should start with my own URL first.....

  2. Looks like a pretty cool list. Keep us updated on progress as you cross things off - I'd like to see posts about some of these if you wanted to do that. :)

    1. Part of the reason for the list is to have fodder for the blog! I hope I can get off my butt and accomplish at least some of these things!

  3. I am so impressed - it was hard enough to come up with 30! Looks like a fun 101!
    PS I love St. Arnold's, let me know when you want to go, hah.

    1. It took me quite a long time to come up with this list. I even thought of making it a 35 before 35, but I'm in denial about the fact that I'm aging, so I went with 101 in 1,001 instead. And I'll definitely let you know when we decide to go to St. Arnold's; I love their root beer....


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