Day in the Life, October 1, 2013

The start of another month means another photo an hour, day in the life post.  As always, I take all my pictures with Instagram, and as usual, my profile is still private.  This month, I was working on the first, but it was an unusually slow day.  I ended up going in late and getting off early.  I know that sounds nice, but it's awful on my checking account.  I wasn't nearly as motivated as I was last month, but I have been keeping busy on the DIY front.

8:30 am
morning feeding

9:30 am

10:30 am
laundry assistant

11:30 am
nap time

12:30 pm
heading for work

1:30 pm
not only does my MIL watch Jack, she feeds me, too

2:30 pm
staged picture
imagine I'm massaging a client

3:30 pm
mountain of chocolate truffles in the break room

I didn't take a 4:30 or a 5:30 photo.  Just imagine creative pictures of a lotion bottle, or the clock in my therapy room.

6:30 pm
on the road

7:30 pm
my SIL installing her dishwasher, like a boss

8:30 pm
taking dinner to Dennis at work

9:30 pm
night light

After I put Jack to bed, I didn't even make it to 10:30 before I fell asleep.  He's teething and was up a lot during the night, but there's nothing much to photograph while I try to put him back to sleep.

7:30 pm
one lone cat awake with me

So there you have it.  Nothing terrible exciting, but we have been working our tails off trying to get the house ready for Jack's birthday.  I can't believe it's just a little more than 2 weeks away!

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  1. How strange that your little one is already going to be a year old!!! He is so adorable :)

    I love my k-cups, I usually only have one a week though.


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