Day in the Life, November 1, 2013

I'm a little late getting this Day in the Life post up, but things have been crazy busy around here. I just got back from visiting my mom and have been trying to put things back together after the trip, and it's Renaissance Festival season.  And nothing seems to get done around here during Renaissance Festival season (Den owns a booth there and we spend all 8 weekends there).  This month the first fell on a Friday, and we spend all day Friday getting ready to go out to TRF, so it wasn't the most exciting day ever.  Next month, the first falls on a Faire day, so that's going to be pretty awesome.  As always, I take my pictures using Instagram, and yes, my profile is still private.  All you have to do is ask nicely and you can follow along if you want to.

I woke up at 5 am on the first, but I completely forgot to start taking pictures.  But that's okay; I wasn't doing anything interesting then (maybe laundry? trying to find the end of the Internet?)  Jack got up at 8, and that's when I started taking pictures.

8 am
up and at 'em
9 am
empty coffee, spilled baby food, and Mardi Gras beads
this is shaping up to be an interesting day
10 am
nap time
11 am
dishes; I hate dishes
12 pm
take that, dirty dishes
1 pm
I'm fostering kittens!
2 pm
3 pm
packing for the weekend
4 pm
feeding the beast
5 pm
ready to load up
6 pm
on the road
7 pm
dinner break
8 pm
finally at Faire
9 pm

I didn't take a 10 pm picture because it would've been exactly like this; Jack was having a hard time getting to sleep.

11 pm
Halloween candy and bedtime

Although Jack had trouble going to sleep, he slept pretty well, only waking once to nurse.  The room was dark, so no middle of the night picture.

8 am
still asleep!

So that was my crazy day this month.  I was really hoping to make it out to Faire earlier in the day, but it seemed like we were spinning our wheels all afternoon.  Oh well, there's always next weekend!  And I can't wait for next month's Day in the Life post since it will be the closing day of the festival.  Good times!


  1. Okay...the first message doesn't seem to be coming up? I just said I love these posts.

  2. Well, I just installed Disqus, so I hope it's working right. I had it eat a comment I wrote on your blog yesterday. And it's sending the comment notifications to the wrong email address....guess I need to investigate....


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